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Graco Mirage pushchair

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Kyliebump Thu 14-Nov-02 20:55:07

We bought a Graco Mirage pushchair for DS when he was born as it laid really flat and it's been great. However, now DS is 6 months and wants to sit up a bit I realise that it only has two settings - either totally flat or bolt upright which doesn't look at all comfortable for DS. Does anyone have any experience of this?

I'm thinking of putting it in the loft until DS2 arrives (in many years time!) and getting a new one, but DP thinks that he's going to 'fix it' - I have visions of the pushchair being held together with string and sellotape!!

lou33 Thu 14-Nov-02 21:18:39

We have the same one and it's always been fine, ds has never complained even though at almost 21months with cp he still cannot sit unsupported. He's never complained about being in it, and has even managed to nod off sitting totally upright!

Scatterbrain Thu 14-Nov-02 21:30:54

My dd seems to prefer the bolt upright position to a more slouchy one - at least their backs are supported that way ! One of our many pushchairs is too laid back and she spends the whole time leaning forwards.

I'd say try the bolt upright setting and see if he likes it before you do anything drastic.

Kyliebump Fri 15-Nov-02 21:57:51

Thank you!

Tried DS in the upright position this afternoon and he was fine - even went off to sleep which did look really really uncomfortable, but I just reclined the seat back so he could sleep flat - so problem solved, no need for the sellotape and string!!

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