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£90 for half head highlights at Toni & Guy - would I be mad to pay this???

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DingDongDinosaurOnHigh Mon 06-Dec-04 17:58:15

My hair urgently needs attention as have horrible dark roots (attractively streaked with grey) owing to not having had hair coloured since well before DS3 was born.

Have made appointment at Toni & Guy in Islington on Friday (chosen because they are convenient to home, and because have had good haircut there earlier this year) but am really not sure about the price! What do you all think? And if this is too much to pay, what else could I do to sort out my hair? Am a bit nervous of colouring it at home, not to mention unsure how I would do it with DS3 around!

KangaSantaMummy Mon 06-Dec-04 18:02:52

How much are other hairdressers around you?

Are T&G exorbetently more?

Is that a top stylist?

Or a junior?

hollyandlavenderwreath Mon 06-Dec-04 18:03:01

if you can afford it and it makes you feel good then why not...home kits are good but not like going to the hairdresser imho...tbh wouldn't expect it to be that high as hairdressers around where I live charge about £40 plus cut...go with your gut feeling!

FeastofStevenmom Mon 06-Dec-04 18:13:20

if you are greying a bit, I would say it would be better to have an all-over-colour done than highlights. that aside - T & G are the high priced end of the market (oh for the days when I could afford £90 on having my highlights done - do you have any cheap local small hairdressers? When I have had highlights done I couldn't honestly say that £40 highlights were any worse than £80 highlights at Toni & Guy.

Branster Mon 06-Dec-04 18:15:14

sounds reasonable in the sense that it's Tony&Guy. get it done there now, then find a local salon or mobile hairdresser to maintain it every 6-8 weeks for about £40-£60 (actually have no idea what the going rate is, it depends on where you live as well but to my mind this would be the price)

SueW Mon 06-Dec-04 18:17:37

That's cheap!!! Well, not cheap but if you are talking cut & colour, I had cut and half head of highlights at T&G in Derby a couple of weeks ago and only paid £3 less!

Fell much, much better for it though and easily justified as the first time I have paid for a haircut in 20 months, which works out less than a fiver a month

TheHollyAndTheTwiglett Mon 06-Dec-04 18:18:50

I think so yes

I think Toni & Guy are not that great .. only been there once (putney) and had the worst haircut / style ever .. hairdresser basically did what he wanted / thought was stylish and not what I wanted / would suit

Basically he gave me a 'zig-zag' parting .. I have longish curly hair and was in there in a business suit

First time I've ever mumbled 'mm nice' and then left and burst into tears

bahhumbug Mon 06-Dec-04 18:26:17

I went to T&G Islington for ages - they are very good - however I've just discovered Leon at Holistic Hair on Highbury Corner (just off Upper St) and he's at least as good for half the price!

bahhumbug Mon 06-Dec-04 18:29:04

PS Holistic (020) 7354 1133 if you're interested - please note I'm just a satisfied customer, not a shareholder or anything!

aloha Mon 06-Dec-04 18:34:09

I won't tell you what I paid at Jo Hansford then!! Seriously, if you need a good post-baby sort out then pay a good price. Don't colour it at home. And while you are there for hours, have lunch and a glass of wine with your magazines. Makes you feel quite human again!

SenoraPostrophe Mon 06-Dec-04 18:38:13

Go to a cheaper salon, then spend the change on lunch, wine etc. If you're not having a cut there's no need to worry too much as IME you can't go far wrong with highlights. At the very worst you can always over-dye it with a hi-lift tint when you get home.

£90 is outrageous!

JoolsTide Mon 06-Dec-04 18:41:11

Belle Colour £3.79 at Tesco - covers grey beautifully

I have yet to go to a hairdresser that does what I ask and can blow dry my hair stylishly. I ALWAYS have to re-do it!
Also my experience of T & G is that they're doing me a favour by letting me through the door!

BUT -if you like them and you can afford it - treat yourself

bahhumbug Mon 06-Dec-04 18:46:55

Dinosaur I've tried most of the hairdressers on Upper St and around so let me know if you need any other info! CAT me if I forget to check this thread

StuffTheMagicTurkey Mon 06-Dec-04 18:48:28

What about getting a semi permanent colour done at the salon? In the past, I've had something called diacolour, which I really liked and didn't trash the condition of my hair in the same way as highlighting has. I know it has to be redone regularly (every 10 weeks I found) but overall it seems to be less expensive that highlights.

Tinker Mon 06-Dec-04 18:52:33

I wouldn't pay that, must admit. But if you can afford it... But I'm a home colouring gal.

KangaSantaMummy Mon 06-Dec-04 18:53:18

I am going to be really ignorant here

but what is soooooo special about T & G salons?

Surely it is the particular stylist that is important rather than the shop

I have had the same guy doing mine for 20 years and he knows just how my hair goes {I have very very thick brown hair} He has now emigrated to OZ so I have to find a new one.

Tinker Mon 06-Dec-04 18:55:46

You're paying for the brand name mainly. But, only times have had it done at T&G, I went as a "model" (cost £7.50) and virtually every cut was supervised, took hours. They must have some "corporate" way of doing each style and each stylist needs to conform with that. That's impression I got, could be totally wrong of course.

JJ Mon 06-Dec-04 19:07:13

Dinosaur, I went to the hairdressers on Theberton St by Maremma (I forget the name, but bahhumbug might know it?) a couple of years ago and had my hair dyed blond. She did it very well (although I looked stupid with blond hair, but had to try it once in my life). I think she was less expensive than the T&G, although I never had my hair coloured there. Had one excellent cut and one not so great one at the one by the Angel.

bahhumbug Mon 06-Dec-04 19:12:07

Huckers? Sessions?

codswallop Mon 06-Dec-04 19:18:39

tinke r you a re right
theyt have a quota of particular styles they have to d o each day

stylitss have 6 weeks traaining only

dinny Mon 06-Dec-04 22:29:51

Dinosaur, I go to Toni & Guy Academy as a model in St Christopher's Place for highlights. Really cheap (can't remember how much as haven't had them done since before dd arrived) but it's really cheap. And great results as they are being marked on their work.

dinny Mon 06-Dec-04 22:32:11

Takes a bit longer than their salons but well worth it.

turquey Mon 06-Dec-04 22:33:39

I had the worst cut and colour of my life in T&G in Canterbury - hideous aubergine colour blowdried into the Macdonalds M shape. The first and only time I've ever gone back and asked for it to be corrected, and never been back since.

merrymarthamoo Mon 06-Dec-04 22:34:46

I was wondering why you would only want half your head done.....

merrymarthamoo Mon 06-Dec-04 22:35:09

Left half or right half?

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