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Urban Detour Quantum

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hedgehog1979 Fri 08-Feb-08 20:26:52

Hi, Hope there is someone out there who can help me.

Am currently 21+4 and starting to think about all the stuff that bump will need.

Has anyone got any experience of these? Is it suitable from birth? and anyone had any probs with it?

If I need to post this somewhere else would someone also be able to advise where!!smile



bigspender30 Fri 08-Feb-08 21:57:25

Hi there-I bought the Urban Detour with the car seat from birth and also the carry cot so little one could sleep flat in it. My lo is now 21 months and I would not recommend the Urban Detour. Reason being, the harness has recently broken on the pram and I called up Mothercare to ask about purchasing a replacement, only to be told that it would cost me at least £40-£60 as the harness is attached to the actual board of the pram. They also said that the board would most likely be a different colour as the fabrics change all the time. Very disappointed.

hedgehog1979 Sat 09-Feb-08 09:38:43

Bumping for new day

nappyaddict Tue 26-Aug-08 14:53:11


nicolamumof3 Tue 26-Aug-08 16:28:50

big spender thats really bad, they should have d rings on so you can just attach any harness. not good.

sazm Tue 26-Aug-08 16:57:40

hi,i dont have that model, but do have an older model and its great still like new and its about 8 yrs old!

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