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We need your car seat reviews - now!

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Carriel Wed 13-Nov-02 23:00:06

Hi there

A quick and perhaps cheeky message but I know there are folks out there who rarely make it to the homepage and may therefore be oblivious to the fact that this is the last week to get your car seat review in. You only have to give marks out of ten on five criteria plus a brief nutshell comment, so it literally takes a minute - but the product reviews are so valuable and are particularly good for attracting new members (plus I really want to know what's the best car seat for a four year old!) so please if you haven't already send us a review

ScummyMummy Wed 13-Nov-02 23:25:25

done it. So if anyone comes across a discontinued old argos carseat and wonders whether to go for it they can read my review!

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