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Where can I find...

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GillW Tue 12-Nov-02 15:12:55

Does anyone know where I can find a traditional "piggy bank" - high street rather than mail order preferably. I'd like to get one for DS for Christmas so that as he starts to understand about money we can introduce the idea of saving. But I can't find one anywhere ....

SoupDragon Tue 12-Nov-02 15:31:21

There's a lovely online one here , 6 items down (the one on the left of the picture).

High street wise, the non-chain store type shops are probably your best bet or maybe a shop that sells pine-furniture-and-curios, you know the sort. I've bought one from a craft shop selling "craft fair" type things before.

Good luck with finding one.

candy Tue 12-Nov-02 20:40:45

Places like H Samuel often do them in silver for new baby gifts - maybe that's a bit naff though?!

missdilema Tue 12-Nov-02 21:03:03

I saw some little ones in card shops.We got a big one in a charity shop.I bought another lovely different one which is a little red post box,looks just like the real thing from the post office.

lou33 Tue 12-Nov-02 21:04:20

Have you looked here ?

Katherine Wed 13-Nov-02 10:20:42

GillW - was just looking at some toy websites and came across this . Made me think of you. I know its mainorder... but some great boxes, including the good old pig.

florenceuk Wed 13-Nov-02 21:01:04

Does anybody know where I can find a beachball (the blow-up plastic kind) in London? I know if I went to a seaside town I'd find one in an instant but in SW London seems a little harder to do. DS loves them and has just learnt to throw a ball around, and the beachball is nice and light.

lou33 Wed 13-Nov-02 23:04:39

A lot of the Poundstretcher type shops sell them, as do places like Asda, although they might be a bit out of season for them.

SoupDragon Thu 14-Nov-02 07:59:08

My tescos Extra store still has a small display with outdoor toys like buckets, spades etc.

Bozza Thu 14-Nov-02 10:22:29

My DS has a blow-up basketball post and ball. The ball is just like a beach ball but a bit smaller and we use it for all sorts of things - throwing, kicking etc. I think you might be able to get this kind of things from ELC, Toys R Us etc.

MandyD Thu 14-Nov-02 22:16:24

I bought a beachball at Wilkinsons (Wood Green but may be in S. London also), but sorry I can't remember if I got it in the summer or the winter.

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