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iron on name labels - which ones work

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Belo Mon 04-Feb-08 12:16:07

Advice please...

Dd2 has started a new nursery and I need to label all her clothes. My fingers haven't recovered from sewing labels into all of dd1's school uniform.

Can anybody recommend any iron on ones that work? I remember my Mum buying them when I was a kid and having to sew them on in the end!

Had a look at labels4kids. They're 5.50 for 50 which seems reasonable. Does anybody know if they're any good? Or, even better some cheaper good ones grin?

Thank you in advance!

NAB3wishesfor2008 Mon 04-Feb-08 12:32:42

Don't buy ones from ace24, I keep finding them in the washer.

Furball Mon 04-Feb-08 12:37:27

easy2name are good - go through the link on the mumsnet shopping page and you also get a discount!

Belo Mon 04-Feb-08 12:54:57

Thanks! I've ordered some from easy2name.

dippydeedoo Mon 04-Feb-08 13:05:24

ive never had any success with these and im resigned to sewing them in now .....fortunately i have 3 sons and so only sew in out surname figuring anything lost will find its way back sooner or later

singyswife Mon 04-Feb-08 13:08:39

I got mine from studio think they are the same as ace and they have now been on my dd;s uniform for 18 months, I like them

Wheresmum Wed 19-Oct-11 16:42:59

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