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Where can I buy...?

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lou33 Sun 10-Nov-02 21:16:18

Anyone know where I can buy a nice big soft toy donkey for ds2 who is 20 months old? He's besotted by them (calls them "dordas", so we would like to get him one for Christmas, but not with sombreros and baskets attached! It would save a twice weekly trip to the local donkey sanctuary during the winter to fulfil his need to see them!

lou33 Sun 10-Nov-02 21:16:42

Oops, smiley sneaked in!

jac34 Sun 10-Nov-02 21:36:16

Why not have a look in the Disney Shop. There is always, good old,Eore.
My ds's kept asking for one as a girl at Nursery, had a very big one. As there are two of them, I bought a smaller one each, at approx.£6.00, I can't remember how much the big one was.
He is lovely, all soft and floppy, with sort of velvetie fur.They absolutely love him.

musica Sun 10-Nov-02 21:38:43

John Lewis often have really good sized 'lifelike' creatures, or ToysRUs. Ikea is sometimes good (especially if you happen to want a snake,) but don't remember seeing a donkey!

lou33 Sun 10-Nov-02 22:03:44

Thanks for the quick replies. Eor is a good idea, but I don't think ds would realise he was the same sort of donkey he goes beserk over. I'm looking for the more traditional style. I'll have a peek in JL when I get the time though. Thanks again.

Tissy Mon 11-Nov-02 09:02:06

Lou33- have a look at (sorry can't do links)- they have a soft donkey for £12.99.

Jaybee Mon 11-Nov-02 10:32:18

Saw a gorgeous one on Saturday - floppy type - not really big though - this was in a small craft type shop near where I live - not mych help for you but I could check it's label to see it it is a brand - otherwise Hamleys are always really good on their soft toy selection - I think they have a website.

SoupDragon Mon 11-Nov-02 10:42:05

This site has a 15 inch one for £8.40, (plus P&P I assume)

If you're feeling flush, Mamas and Papas do a donkey rocking horse for about £57, but it's not grey.

This Google search came up witha number of sites which might help.

Jaybee Mon 11-Nov-02 11:01:42

Another idea would be a donkey hobby horse

GillW Mon 11-Nov-02 11:14:50

There's a nice donkey hobby horse here , or a gorgeous (though expensive) Steiff donkey here

lou33 Mon 11-Nov-02 14:26:27

OOOH thanks ladies! I will be investigating them all this afternoon. Hobby horses aren't really appropriate for ds though as he has cp and cannot sit unsupported , and has yet to attempt anything as advanced as standing! But I'm bound to find something now you are all on the saerch aren't I!?

GillW Mon 11-Nov-02 15:19:55

The donkey breed society sell some soft donkey toys on their website .

I don't know where you live, but when your DS gets a little older this might be of interest to you if you're near enough to Devon, Birmingham or Leeds.

Jaybee Mon 11-Nov-02 15:24:03

Lou33 - I have just had a look at Soupdragon's suggestion - he is gorgeous, I think I want one too!!!

lou33 Mon 11-Nov-02 17:17:06

Oh no! they are all so lovely I might have to buy them all!

Katherine Tue 12-Nov-02 17:12:43

Lou33 - if you've not got your donkey yet try the disney shop. I got one myself (all be it seveeral years ago) - a HUGE Eyore (sp?). They used to do them in all different sizes. Actually if you live anywhere near Buxton you'd be welcome to mine. Fed up of falling over the thing

lou33 Tue 12-Nov-02 19:02:10

Thanks Katherine, but I live way down south in Surrey! I've ordered a donkey from the site Soupdragon recommended ( another big thanks to you ), but could easily have got carried away and ordered all of them had dh not been lurking over my shoulder checking my spending spree!

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