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How the heck do you get baby Annabel to cry real tears?

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franch Tue 29-Jan-08 11:42:57

The DDs got these for Christmas (version 4, I think they are?) and have fed them a lot (though I'm not sure how much water is actually going in) but no tears yet ...

bundle Tue 29-Jan-08 11:43:22

poke her in the eye?

Cappuccino Tue 29-Jan-08 11:45:38

oh don't get me started

mine won't cry either despite my best efforts

I spent half an hour one day putting her to sleep and then waking her up aggressively

by the end of it I was hanging her upside down

dds got v bored eventually because she wouldn't take on any more water

GooseyLoosey Tue 29-Jan-08 11:46:57

Similar problems here but with Tiny Tears - end up whacking her off the bed in my efforts. Not sure what messages I am conveying to dd though!

franch Tue 29-Jan-08 11:58:04

Argh - will have to contact manufacturers - really can't be bothered - what a rip-off.

bundle Tue 29-Jan-08 11:59:28

we have one of those baby born dolls that swims.

when she feels like it hmm

franch Tue 29-Jan-08 12:04:57

Well the very "cute" customer service email address is, for anyone who needs it.

Grr angry

hunkermunker Tue 29-Jan-08 12:05:56

Pick her up by her legs and smash her head against the wall?


There's a reason I have boys, isn't there?

OrmIrian Tue 29-Jan-08 12:06:17

Give her something to cry about!


franch Tue 29-Jan-08 12:08:02

Somehow I knew this thread would give all you mildmannered MNers a chance to show your dark side ...

hunkermunker Tue 29-Jan-08 12:08:57




franch Tue 29-Jan-08 12:10:46

Take it as a compliment hunker wink

hunkermunker Tue 29-Jan-08 12:11:56

Oh, I did.

Then I thought you might've been taking the piss a leetle bit grin grin

Idobelieveinfairies Tue 29-Jan-08 12:12:11

my DD's annabell has cried before, you have to make sure the bottle of water is really pushed in hard, and then sit it up! if it still dosen't work, give it a good old shake and try again (would recommend that DD isn't in the room whilst the shaking bit happens) haha!

Cappuccino Tue 29-Jan-08 12:13:31

hunker smashing her about does not make her cry

only removing her bottle at the crucial moment (split second timing required) and then holding her at v specific angle

if you smash her about she will think she is being rocked. She is quite a hard case.

clayre Tue 29-Jan-08 12:15:11

you have to squeeze one of her arms to make her cry real tears

haggisaggis Tue 29-Jan-08 12:18:54

ram bottle hard into her mouth and squeeze.
Ours used to cry when you did this - but now whe won't close her eyes so I doubt we gunged something up.
Best bit of baby Annabel is the off switch!

Nemoandthefishes Tue 29-Jan-08 12:21:02

dd1s has cried once after giving it 3 bottles of the water.hmm

franch Tue 29-Jan-08 12:23:23

Bloody hell what a crap product. And we've all been conned.

OrmIrian Tue 29-Jan-08 13:05:29

Yeah! My babies all cried real tears and they were free grin

FioFio Tue 29-Jan-08 13:16:28

Message withdrawn

hunkermunker Tue 29-Jan-08 13:44:41

And this is supposed to teach our children to nurture babies how exactly?! Mind you, I pulled the head off my Tiny Tears with a fork because I wanted to see how she cried and wetted...

MascaraOHara Tue 29-Jan-08 13:46:09

dd has had one for a couple of years. I could never get the chuffing thing to cry. I did resort to battering it around the head but that was purely out of frustration.

OrmIrian Tue 29-Jan-08 13:48:01

I hated dolls as a child and I suspect I still do. DD has never been interested so not been able to find out. Apart from a soft bodied baby doll that she and DS#1 both had and that got scribbled on.

misdee Tue 29-Jan-08 13:50:40

punch it in the face?

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