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HELP - Does anyone know of such a thing as Extendable Pram Handles?!

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FreddyRed Mon 28-Jan-08 13:54:27

Hello everyone

My partner and I are both tall (not super-giant-like, but tall). Our second hand Britax pram is wonderful (expecially as it's second hand; we're not overly wealthy), but it does suffer from having a pushing handle which is too low for us.

Does anyone know if such a thing as an extendable handle exists? To clip/attach on to our pram to save us from sawing the bottom of our legs off - or worse, buying a new pram wink.

I've searched the internet and it's amazing what tat can be found, and yet what useful stuff can't be! If anyone knows of stockists, welders, or has such a thing they're prepared to part with, either free or for money - PLEASE LET ME KNOW!!

Many thanks


Flllightattendant Mon 28-Jan-08 14:05:33

Mountain buggy do one, for their older Urban model - I don't know if it would fit a Britax though.

Wedling something on might affect the balance so be careful if you don't want it tipping backwards whenever you let go!

There are prams with higher or adjustable handles but it would be a case of trial and error if you are looking second hand.

There must be a lot of people on here who are tall, there was a thread asking about prams for tall people a while back, or you could start one if you decided to change your conveyance smile

hunofmonsters Mon 28-Jan-08 14:09:17

we were looking at buggies over the w/e and there is a mutsy one with a handle that goes up to boobs!(i am 5'3")

I know you didn't really want another but thought i would tell you anyway!

The urban detour ones are quite high as well

hunofmonsters Mon 28-Jan-08 14:10:02

up to my boobs that should be!

I wouldn't attach anythign to the trolley tbh, that would make it unsafe possibly....??

Flllightattendant Mon 28-Jan-08 14:10:35

This thread says Maclaren...they are easyish to get second hand, not too dear if so...

OrmIrian Mon 28-Jan-08 14:12:46

Now... you see. That was one of my brilliant entrepreneurial ideas when I was desperately searching for a way to give up work. A universal buggy handle extender that was strong enough and wouldn't come loose. I'm tall too and so is DH. Never did it though. Story of my life...grin

CarGirl Mon 28-Jan-08 14:14:05

buy my silver cross rear facing pushchair, handle is too high for me!

thedevilwearsprimark Mon 28-Jan-08 14:15:16

A friend of mine bought a mountain buggy handlebar extension and it fit onto her pram (a loola) with a little coaxing.

FreddyRed Tue 29-Jan-08 19:30:05

Ooh thank you everyone. I shall endeavour to investigate all this over the coming weeks...

Obviously I'd like to investigate it right now, but there seems to be no end to the feeding and changing. I trust it gets better?!

OrmIrian - if I were to be entrepreneurial and steal your idea, would that be ok?! (Oh, as if I have the time to get round to it )

ScotGirl Wed 30-Jan-08 21:03:08

I too have the same problem. When you need to buy a lightweight buggy (which believe me you will - we did at 5 months! I've done the research on handle heights - get the Maclaren XT. It has 3 different handle heights and the highest is the highest you can get!

Icicle19 Fri 15-Aug-08 23:56:34

For handlebar extensions, check out - they will ship to UK

or - though they don't ship outside US.

Pushchairs Mon 17-Dec-12 10:47:42

Message deleted by Mumsnet for breaking our Talk Guidelines. Replies may also be deleted.

PollyAnda Sat 22-Dec-18 19:50:42

Desperately in need of a pram/pushchair handle extension to give at least another 4” in height. Have 3 or 4 Pram’s/pushchairs all either v cheap or second hand or both and no money to buy new. Also my husband is shorter than me so a removable extension would be handy. My back can’t cope with stopping anymore! I have a 3 year old and am heavily pregnant with my second so will be starting all over again! Can anyone help? Internet is seeming to fail me! X

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