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so... tell me about tricycles. for grown-ups

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fingerwoman Sat 26-Jan-08 00:00:32

i am (possibly stupidly) in love with these tricycles. nihola
I am now considering selling my car and getting a great big bike with room for 2 kids

am i very stupid? would I get knackered after 2 minutes and have to come home thus renmdering me house-bound forEVER?

Jenkeywoo Sat 26-Jan-08 00:04:05

I've always wanted a trike and have come close to buying one till dh reminded me that it wouldn't fit in the car so you could only go out from your house rather than go somewhere nice for a tricycle ride. I think you would look a bit of loon too but that wouldn't bother me one bit - kids would love it too.

Jenkeywoo Sat 26-Jan-08 00:05:40

just had a closer look at the trike - it is gorgeous, am seriously tempted again.

handlemecarefully Sat 26-Jan-08 00:07:13

lol, I don't 'geddit' but I love life's rich diversity

fingerwoman Sat 26-Jan-08 00:07:54

oh yes, I would definitely become known as the crazy trike lady. but hey, that's half the fun

fingerwoman Sat 26-Jan-08 00:08:44

i know someone who test-drove the nihola, and I think a withner one and she said it was really easy to steer (it has some special steering mechanism)
it must still be heavy though?

handlemecarefully Sat 26-Jan-08 00:08:48

If you do get one please post photos on your profile!

fingerwoman Sat 26-Jan-08 00:17:12

i will lol

jennifersofia Sat 26-Jan-08 00:18:33

I have a bike that is somewhat similar but it is a dutch two wheeler, rather than three. Slightly longer wheel base. It has a great big box on the front like the nihola for the kids. My two are presently 5.5 and nearly 7, and I am thinking that we might not make the summer in it as they are getting very heavy. (Also 7mths preg at moment, so that doesn't help!). For us it has been brilliant, we all love it. We don't have a car, so all shopping etc. goes in too. Where we live (London) is quite flat, so it works for me, as I am not an amazon. When I do need to go up a mild hill I do puff! Generally though, it is very well engineered so you can carry an amazing amount of weight on the flat (75 pounds of kid plus groceries etc.). It keeps me fit, it widens our range of places to go, etc. We also use it in conjunction with public transport - as in we cycle to places, lock it up and then get the bus or tube. We cannot take it up or down any stairs, nor on any bus or train. It is very heavy, but that also means it is very sturdy, and hard to steal. Doesn't have a lot of street cred, and quite specialized, thus not so attractive to petty criminals.
Things that have been very useful are:
1) quick and easy seat adjust, so dh (6ft) and I (5ft3) can both use it.
2) Super rain cover, easy for kids to see out of (though the peddlar does get wet!)
3) wooden kids seat flips up, making it more useful for transporting other things.
As you might be able to tell, I am a bit of an anorak about it..

fingerwoman Sat 26-Jan-08 00:20:42

ooh, what make is it?

jennifersofia Sun 27-Jan-08 09:54:01

It is called a Bakfiet. We chose this one because it is narrower than the Danish (Cristiania) tricycles, meaning we could get it through our front hallway and park it in the back garden. We bought it in Central London from a shop called Velorution. They have a decent website - they might sell nihola's, not sure. I am sure that Andreas (the owner) would know a fair bit about them. You are very welcome to come and have a look at / try out ours if you like.

jennifersofia Sun 27-Jan-08 10:02:45

Just had another look at the nihola. Does look pretty good. The drum brakes are vital. Good that it has 5 gears. (Mine is 3 and I occasionally wish for more). The loops to get the D-lock through are a nice feature. The handlebar looks a little awkward, but you can really only tell that by riding it. The other thing to check out is that the handlebar doesn't hit the child's head when you are making a sharp turn. I was able to rent my bike for a week to try it out and then take the rental price off the main cost of the bike, which was great.

DLeeds Sun 27-Jan-08 11:28:51

Try the following exotic Dutch Bike porn!

lovely three wheelers

l/eng/models.php two wheelers

yet more

I think the Dutch to it better!

DLeeds Sun 27-Jan-08 11:31:49


Broken second link

two wheelers

I haven't got any of these by the way - just love the idea so have them bookmarked.

Aitch Sun 27-Jan-08 11:36:23

apologies, i came on expecting to pour scorn but am now IN LOVE with the trike. would you have to ride on the street, though? cos that would worry me a bit with dd poinked on the front.

DLeeds Sun 27-Jan-08 11:41:04

these look quite safety conscious -


There's a guy on ebay occasionally imports them. And think a mn has one.

Aitch Sun 27-Jan-08 11:50:57

i BET it's Fillyjonk... wink

Teuch Sun 27-Jan-08 11:52:28

this is MUCH better grin

jennifersofia Sun 27-Jan-08 12:00:32

Yes, the bakfiet is the one that we have (regular, not long). Another thing that has been really good about it is the very low step through, so when we stop at a light, I put my foot down, essentially acting as the third leg of the tripod for more stability - and also just easy to get on and off, v. useful when pregnant!
We do ride it in the road. Can't really ride bikes on pavement anyways. Would do bike trails, but so far Tower Hamlets hasn't been kind enough to build them on our school run grin.

That Kangaroo looks nice! I like the baby accessory. I do wonder if children are lower down to the road, and also how they get in and out of it.

jennifersofia Sun 27-Jan-08 12:03:07

I have seen that one Teuch - pretty cool, but don't fancy being the ones going sideways or backwards! Happily, my family hasn't expanded to 7..

Aitch Sun 27-Jan-08 12:03:55

gosh, that conference bike is amazing. and it's used for blind people in dublin, how cool. that must feel great. grin

DLeeds Sun 27-Jan-08 12:24:24

I saw one of these in London but tres expensive. Good desgin though - the single front wheel stores under the pod.


fingerwoman Sun 27-Jan-08 20:54:39

I know someone who test rode the kangaroo and the nihola and though she went really in love with the kangaroo she said the nihola was so much nicer to ride.
with the kangaroo you have to steer the whole front of the bike, which si quite heavy.
but the nihola has a clever steering system which means the wheels steer independently from the basket or somethiung

fingerwoman Sun 27-Jan-08 20:59:17

like that trio bike

DLeeds Sun 27-Jan-08 21:05:38

Long story but I travel to London for work once a week. The sandwich shop nearest the tube at work has a lovely Nihola in the corner (I think for delivering sandwiches). But it doesn't seem to be ever used.

I keep buying their over priced sandwiches to sit near and have a good look (and stroke it).

I am dying to ask for a little ride - but I think they will think I am mad.

Not sure if it might be a bit heavy for hills in England. I read one article that it had won an award for being the easiest to ride. And lots of Dutch women like them, over the other three wheelers. I spend too long on the internet I fear.

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