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anyone bought a Morrck baby hoodie?

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shoofly Fri 25-Jan-08 21:19:00

looks really cute and wondered about buying it as a baby present but bit expensive and wondered it it's any good?

accessorizemybaublessanta Fri 25-Jan-08 22:28:41

I didn't buy that one, but did buy a snug as a bug as a present for a friend and later for my own baby - thought they were excellent, would buy another as it was so useful for those early months. Bit cheaper than morrck too, I think.

shoofly Sat 26-Jan-08 19:19:20

thanks -will have a look

AnnakeyRules Sat 26-Jan-08 19:44:09

the people who do Morrck were in the next door stand to me at a trade fair a couple of years ago, and they were lovely people, if that helps

MrsBadger Sat 26-Jan-08 19:48:15

the buginarugs are excellent - someone turned up to a baby group in November with one and a lot of people went straight out and bought them.

I think they're more use than th Morrck as they don't stay strapped into the carseat

shoofly Sat 26-Jan-08 20:03:03

thanks mrs badger - but wondered -Can you put baby in a car seat if they have the buginarug on?

MrsBadger Sat 26-Jan-08 21:54:00

yes, so long as their arms are out. Because it has legs you can do up the crotch strap over it. Pic of bbe in one in a 5pt harness here

shoofly Sun 27-Jan-08 18:40:35

v cute will have another look

Edmonds5 Tue 09-Mar-10 13:33:07

I was give two Baby Hoodies after my twins were born and they were invaluable - saved me lots of faffing about getting them in and out of the house - they are expensive but one of the most used baby products I had

MummyElk Tue 09-Mar-10 13:40:39

discovered these Morrcks yesterday, look lovely... do people think the Bug in the Rugs are more versatile then?
Also, anyone else thought about making one?!! is it the sort of thing that looks simpler than it really is?!! blush

sausagerolemodel Tue 09-Mar-10 13:50:36

Here you go


IHaveABlueCar Tue 09-Mar-10 13:53:10

I bought a Morrck hoodie two years ago and used it loads. I'd really recommend it. I've never been keen on footmuffs as I know that my ds's would just fill them with raisins and crisps carrot sticks grin and it was a great alternative.

MummyElk Tue 09-Mar-10 17:17:49

oh my goodness sausagerole THANK YOU!!! brilliant.... <runs off to complete her nesting in a blitz of fabric and cotton before DC2 arrives>

freakybabe2 Fri 12-Jul-13 11:02:33

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