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bibi swiss strolli rider - anyone have one?

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hana Thu 24-Jan-08 22:02:15

I saw one of these today in a shop and had a go with dd2 and dd3 - so much easier than the buggy board (use a double buggy at the moment, but not for much longer I don't think, and dread the thought of hunching over on the school run...)
so just wondered if anyone rated it? can get it for £50 at theo moment, down from £70

fruitloop79 Fri 25-Jan-08 09:14:56


I'm a childminder and have one on the back of my Maclaren double.

It's fantastic. much better than a buggy board which in the summer with flip-flops on is not fun (bashing toenails [OUCH emoticon]). My two very good friends who are also childminders both have one too.

Probably the best purchase I've made since childminding.
I got mine off Ebay. Cant remember what I paid but it was around £50.
They fit practically any buggy (even Bugaboos and thats really something!)

Only prob is you will need to get used to people constantly stopping you in the street. Where a t-shirt saying where you got it, how much it was and how good it is!

Good luck

Fruity smile

fruitloop79 Fri 25-Jan-08 09:15:48

I meant 'wear' a t-shirt not 'where' smile

hana Fri 25-Jan-08 13:31:01

ohhh am excited, might try to get the one I saw in the sale...
what age are the kids that go on it? dd2 has just turned 3 ( she's a small 3 year old) weighs about 25 lbs - when they aren't on it, is it a hassle? I'd be walking dd1 to school, then taking dd2 to playgroup, then walking home on my own with the baby.
thank you!

fruitloop79 Fri 25-Jan-08 14:20:59

They reckon they can go on from 15 months! A bit young unless they've got excellent balance hmm
The youngest who goes on is 22 months although he could've gone on about 3 months ago and been fine. My 2.5 yr old DS usually goes on it and just loves it smile
It's no hassle at all. Very lightweight. If I can I leave it at nursery but it really doesn't make much difference. Going backwards (say out of a lift) is quite awkward but you just tell the child to jump off for second. You'd have the same trouble with a buggy board.

Go grab it!!!

hana Fri 25-Jan-08 18:49:47

is it easy to clip off and on? buggy board is a faff to do
think I will go for it!

fruitloop79 Sat 26-Jan-08 07:41:37

Very easy. It's got a metal lever thingie which you just unscrew

Go gettit girl!

totheshore Mon 08-Jun-09 17:26:10

Does anyone know if this will fit a Graco Stadium Duo tandem?

JaneK2 Fri 17-Jul-09 22:30:37

Bit late joining this thread. Does anyone know if this will fit a Phil and Ted's? My nearly three-year old DS has six months before baby #3 to start walking places without throwing tantrums, but I'd still like one of these as a back up!

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