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Tiny shoes for tiny feet??????

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ames Wed 06-Nov-02 10:42:52

I'm posting (again) as dd is cruising really well at 9months most of the time she either has bare feet of soft shoes when its cold. My problem is her feet are very small - almost a size one I think. I was wanting to buy a pair of the shoes designed for cruising as my mum and a lot of my freinds have laminate flooring which is col on her feet and she slips when wearing the soft shoes. I thought this would be quite simple but apparantly not as the smallest size that I can find is a 3 and most of the ranges start at a size 4. Now I'm getting slightly concerned the dd will be walking long before her feet are a size 3. Anybody else had experience of this or know if anyone sells cruisers or shoes for tiny feet?

mears Wed 06-Nov-02 10:46:53

When getting shoes for my children the nowretired 'expert' said at the time, children should not have shoes until they are established walkers.. Bare feet/socks are the best things.

Bozza Wed 06-Nov-02 11:39:36

What about some of the socks with grippers on the underneath for on the laminate flooring? DS has some totes style socks that he sometimes wears mornings/evenings now its cold.

I was also told that children shouldn't have shoes until they can take 20 steps unaided which is what we did with DS but a lot of my friends didn't bother. It was four months from DS starting to cruise to walking his 20 steps. Well he could probably do about a hundred by the time we could get to the shoe shop - he all of a sudden took off.

SoupDragon Wed 06-Nov-02 12:38:03

DS2 used those soft leather boots plus socks when he was cruising and first-walking on our laminate/wooden/tiled floors.

Rhiannon Wed 06-Nov-02 14:11:34

Don't Gap do tiny socks with gripper underneath? R

Bozza Wed 06-Nov-02 15:17:23

Thats the kind of thing I meant Rhiannon - and the Gap ones are meant to stay on well, aren't they?

SueDonim Wed 06-Nov-02 15:22:46

I was Mrs Mean and put off buying shoes as long as possible! Their feet are much better just in socks. I think ?Tic-Tac-Toe ones that JojoMaman sell have those grip things on them, or you could use padders.

zebra Wed 06-Nov-02 15:25:01

Must admit I just put what the call "prewalkers" on my tiny walkers (9-10 months). They are relatively soft soled shoes, but good enough for creatures that only weigh 16 lbs or so. Babies don't weigh enough to need thick sole shoes. DD is now size 2.5, 13 months, and still in the soft (leather/bead-sole) shoes, for as long as I can keep her in them. Except when she insists on wearing her wellies, that is! Even though she should be size 3 wellies... she prefers the size 4 and I trust her to know what's comfortable on her own feet.

That said, I have heard that Clarks or StartRite will make custom shoes for you in extra small sizes, if you ask.

GillW Wed 06-Nov-02 15:35:10

H&M do the non-slip soled socks too - £1.25 a pair if I remember rightly from the last lot I bought.

SofiaAmes Wed 06-Nov-02 18:36:35

don't know how small they come,but I got the clarks crawling/walking shoes with soft soles and they were great.

aloha Wed 06-Nov-02 18:59:36

Socks are all very well until ds wants to walk in the park (ie hang on to low wooden fence and scoot up and down or hold my hands and stroll about drunkenly). His feet get cold and wet. So I put him in soft leather boots. Indoors we use grippy socks or suede soled baby slippers.

LIZS Wed 06-Nov-02 19:25:19


try Daisy Roots. They are soft leather with non slip soles, great designs, don't harm feet (soft and breathable) and could be used outside. Our dd had some from about 4 months and used them until ready for first proper shoes at 12 months -European size 18( a UK 2 I think). European Brands like Naturino, Ricosta, Baby Botte, Elefanten all cater for very small feet but I suspect they might prove pricey in UK.



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