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ButtonMoon Sun 28-Nov-04 13:52:52

Thinking of getting one for Xmas present....just wondering which are best, cheapest and i they are on offer?

ButtonMoon Sun 28-Nov-04 17:00:47


cellulitequeen Sun 28-Nov-04 17:52:28

We've just bought one from, it was the offer of the week last week. The make is Techosonic and it was on offer for about £40. It's great to have all those extra channels, especially CBeebies!

bottle Sun 28-Nov-04 17:54:30

we got ours from tesco 39.99 Bush, seems to be working so far quite slim as well

agy Sun 28-Nov-04 18:51:30

We've got Daewoo DS6O8P from Tesco £49.99. Its got Setpal - apparently this is very important - their motto is "works where others fail". Very good for a poor signal area, like ours.

Yorkiegirl Sun 28-Nov-04 19:01:21

Message withdrawn

JiminyCricket Sun 28-Nov-04 19:06:48

I got mine for £27 on ebay, from a company who repackages the old on-digital ones and includes scart leads etc, these boxes also accept the top-up tv cards

TheCattleWereLowryn Wed 29-Dec-04 19:55:12

Yorkiegirl, did you ever get the answer to your question...? We are looking for a freeview box and have an old sky box...Can I use it to get Freeview?

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