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Gel Fires

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noddy5 Thu 25-Nov-04 15:57:22

Does anyone have one of these?I need one for our new fireplace as we cannot have a flue and the room has no gas.It is for effect rather than heat Have seen them online but would like any ideas,it is a reclained brick wall with a square hole effect to put something in definetly don't want electric

fairydust Thu 25-Nov-04 16:15:35

next have some and i think they look fab as we were also looking at them the only thing that put us off is that the gel doesn't apparntly last long and at a £5.00 a tin thought it'd turn it to an e4xpensive thing as we have our fire on most evenings (electric just for effect)

noddy5 Thu 25-Nov-04 16:27:17

you can buy the gel cheaper in bulk on ebay and other sites.I already have a firebowl in the garden and am looking for something more like a fire but will go to next tomorrow and look thanks ff

fairydust Sat 05-Mar-05 15:59:30

Anyone else have one of these we are moving shortly and the new house doesn't have a firer so quite fancy one of these for effect in the evening.

Just wondered how long the gel actually lasts?

fairydust Sat 05-Mar-05 18:04:04


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