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Has anyone got a sofa from or other self assembly type sofa?

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GandalfsHat Fri 01-Feb-13 10:45:10

zombie thread alert.

paragonwsm Fri 01-Feb-13 10:41:09

Unfortunately Intosofas are not in business any more. The sofabed I got from them is great.
The sofa I ordered from Nabru arrived broken. Their customer service was worse than any I have ever come across. Apparently I had to wait for it to be returned to the warehouse and for them to inspect it. (This is despite the delivery driver seeing the damage and taking the item back straight away).
The paperwork would then be sent to the Accounts Department who would sit on it until the following Wednesday.
I lost count of the times I heard the phrase "company policy" which appeared to be the answer to everything.
The staff are obsructive and uninterested.
I think that this company are fine as long as there is no problem. But if there is a problem they clearly lose interest and the priority is to hold on to your money as long as possible.

Poorquality Thu 12-Mar-09 09:08:04

Think before you order!!
What you need to know when purchasing from INTOSOFA

The sofas look good but are really poor quality.
Customer services will not respond to your enquiry. So if your sofa is delivered damaged, or requires part replacing, be prepared that you will receive none.

yorkishbirdy Tue 15-Jan-08 19:20:28

used2bthin, don't worry, I don't expect you to sit holding your breath waiting on my next words of wisdom grin

I would say they are infinatly better than Argos which is cheap crap IMHO (no offense meant to anyone) but I have had them too and they fell apart in no time and were really uncomfortable.

I would always advise to go for the best you can afford, if the options are Argos or modular then I would vote modular without a second thought!

used2bthin Tue 15-Jan-08 15:25:26

oops just realised they did send all the samples I just hadn't taken them all out!

used2bthin Tue 15-Jan-08 15:14:28

Again I left the computer just after posting, sorry. Thanks mrsfogi,is it comfortable then (am thinking maybe not with the cushion thing!)Could be a sofa bed thing I guess though. Have got the swatches today. I'm sure not all the colours from the website are on there though will check in a min. Still really like the terracotta one but have to wait till I've signed the lease on my flat so I can get in there and measure where the sofas would go. At least I know these would fit through the doors though and as I am renting the self assembly thing appeals as I would be able to get them in anywhere I ended up. I wonder if not any people buy these as thier main, living room sofas though? Just a thought. Oh am rubbish at decisions! V small budget so only other possibles I've seen were Argos ones and againI'd be left wth the problem of not being able to test first!

yorkishbirdy Tue 15-Jan-08 08:57:53

MrsFogi, is it a metal action one? I am just asking as sofa beds seem to have a habit of doing this!

Used2bthin, I found the swatch sheet great and it totally changed my mind about what I would go for! Good luck anyway!

MrsFogi Tue 15-Jan-08 08:53:44

we've got a sofabed from intosofa. It's fine - easy to assemble, feels solid etc. Only complaint is that the cushions you sit on seem to have bedded down slightly at the front but can't complain as it's the only thing we can get up our stairs to the tv room

used2bthin Tue 15-Jan-08 08:38:24

Sorry just saw your message, have sent off for the swatch sheet, I am going to keep looking around but so far they are the best ones I've seen and look small enough to look ok in my flat so are a definate maybe especially now I know that they don't fall apart or anythimg!

yorkishbirdy Mon 14-Jan-08 22:48:48

grin sorry I can't help with that! (I assume you do have the swatch sheet btw?)

used2bthin Mon 14-Jan-08 22:23:59

Thanks that is good to know, now I just have to finish stressing about which colour scheme lol!

yorkishbirdy Mon 14-Jan-08 22:19:15

Yes it was very comfortable, quite deep front to back IYSWIM. I think I tightened it up every few months or so - possibly every 6? (mind I am quite anal about keeping things tightened up as it damages the screw holes if you don't meaning that, eventually, you can't tighten it properly grin)

used2bthin Mon 14-Jan-08 21:44:46

Oh thankyou yorkishbird that is good to know. The prices are great so am very tempted as have not seen much in the shops. Was it comfortable? You didnt have to tighten it every time someone sat on it or anything?

yorkishbirdy Mon 14-Jan-08 21:36:22

We had a chair, in chocolate faux suede I think?

ANyway, it was well made, had a reversable base to change how firm it was etc. I found it easy to put together and sturdy once fully tightened however I did have to go round every so often and re-tighten everything. The fabric seemed to last well, it has now been passed to my uncle (a bachelor) so goodness knows what it looks like now wink

used2bthin Mon 14-Jan-08 21:27:08


used2bthin Mon 14-Jan-08 21:19:21

Oh thought I was doing a link sorry!

used2bthin Mon 14-Jan-08 21:18:33

Am not sure about buying something so big without having seen it first but they look very nice I like accent in terracotta but not sure about whether to have that or more neutral type thing with bright cushions. Anyway that is beside the point! Anyone had a self assembly one before? Just wondering about quality and how difficult they are to assemble etc.

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