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Where can I buy Poole Pottery - does anyone know

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Trix11 Sun 13-Jan-08 11:57:02

Do the usual shops like john lewis stock it?

hauseryg Tue 09-Apr-13 18:08:55

Message deleted by Mumsnet for breaking our Talk Guidelines. Replies may also be deleted.

melzy Mon 21-Jan-08 14:28:38

just read ur messages & plz excuse me for sticking my nose in but as a collecter of poole pottery you may find what you are looking for at either the poole pottery website, or cotswold collectables ., or kcsceramics international. hope you find what you r looking for at a good price.

Vacua Sun 13-Jan-08 12:22:56

nah was happy to rehome and also saw it as opportunity to buy bubble wrap but would not like to be held accountable for state of shade/damage in transit etc

PavlovtheCat Sun 13-Jan-08 12:20:13

lol...backing out Vacua? grin - you should hang on for a bit, might become worth something one just never know...

Vacua Sun 13-Jan-08 12:18:27

also do not want to SELL it as would forget to post it etc

PavlovtheCat Sun 13-Jan-08 12:17:44

Soshe - I as just looking at that one too!

PavlovtheCat Sun 13-Jan-08 12:17:42

Soshe - I as just looking at that one too!

PavlovtheCat Sun 13-Jan-08 12:17:40

Soshe - I as just looking at that one too!

Vacua Sun 13-Jan-08 12:17:21

am anxious to remind all that the pic is not of my house, if it was there would be 4 million unread newspapers and bills eclipsing view of lamp possibly interspersed with a few moulding cups of coffee

PavlovtheCat Sun 13-Jan-08 12:16:54

try this poole pottery website

shoshe Sun 13-Jan-08 12:16:36

you could try here

The shop at the pottery closed in 2006 as decling sales here

PavlovtheCat Sun 13-Jan-08 12:14:05

I dont like the lamp part of it. Agree does not do the style justice! I prefer the vases/plates etc. And perhaps not enough red. You could sell it on ebay tho...

Trix - the website doesnt seem to let you search for items, how rubbish is that? You could look on Ebay for some Poole...

Trix11 Sun 13-Jan-08 12:12:57

According to the MIL she would like a bowl !!

goingfor3 Sun 13-Jan-08 12:12:21

I've seen Poole pottery in store in John Lewis.

Vacua Sun 13-Jan-08 12:09:44

no that is just from the internet, is same colours but different shape

it would be NICE to get rid of it actually, it's quite big though

Trix11 Sun 13-Jan-08 12:08:23

is that the pic of what you have? Plus the other two items? I think she would like that

Vacua Sun 13-Jan-08 12:06:43

I put a link isn't it

Vacua Sun 13-Jan-08 12:05:45

shade is quite battered and dusty and needs to be replaced but do you really want it? would LOVE to part with it. will pretend it got broken.

Trix11 Sun 13-Jan-08 12:05:29

Where have you found it Vacua?

Trix11 Sun 13-Jan-08 12:04:45

Why dont you sell it Vacua?

Thank you Pavlovthecat - can I search for their products on their website?

Vacua Sun 13-Jan-08 12:04:41

aha I have found it - but my one is the traditional vase type shape, like an hourglass. but is in that theme with those colours.

PavlovtheCat Sun 13-Jan-08 12:03:52

Vacua - you wanna sell it then ?!!!!

PavlovtheCat Sun 13-Jan-08 12:02:57

here is it is derrys

Vacua Sun 13-Jan-08 12:02:44

this is sort of red orange and green, it might look nice in a house which is not mine. or with a different shade or something.

Trix11 Sun 13-Jan-08 12:01:29

SIL has requested this for her bday but its not on the JL website - I will see if Derrys have a website.


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