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new rear/mum facing mamas and papas pliko out soon!!

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AnAngelWithin Sat 12-Jan-08 10:40:31

just been looking on the peg perego website and they are bringing out a 'pliko switch' this year that faces either forwards or facing you!! wonder if it will be any good? wonder if it will be loads more expensive? just thought i would mention it as a lot of people look for rear facing buggies.

look here

Misdee Sat 12-Jan-08 10:41:54

i dont think it will be available over here. i heard it was only for the canadian market.

AnAngelWithin Sat 12-Jan-08 10:45:46

that would be a shame. not fair for them to put it on the great britain site then if thats the case!!

franklin Mon 14-Jan-08 16:34:37

Hi just thought that I would let you know that I am in the UK and have ordered a pliko switch from an Italian website called Bimbomarket, the pliko switch costs £238 and postage is only £10 approx. Delivery takes a little while though, approx 3-4 weeks. I am really looking forward to getting this pushchair as ive had so many (self confessed pramaholic), so hopefully it will live up to expectation and this will be the last one!

AnAngelWithin Mon 14-Jan-08 18:53:58

excellent! do let us know what you think of it!! smile

CarGirl Mon 14-Jan-08 18:59:12

only down side is that it is bulky when folded especially when I think of how slim the original pliko (before p3) is folded!

babyjjbaby Mon 21-Jan-08 09:43:28

i think it would be great i'd love one but bet they ar equite big

SDC Sat 23-Feb-08 13:23:10

To AnAngelWithin

I was wondering whether you got your Pliko Switch or not? Do share a review about it!!

babyjjbaby Sat 23-Feb-08 15:09:09

oh yeah i would like to kbnow what they are like look fab

franklin Thu 06-Mar-08 20:30:55

Just seen Mamas & Papas pliko switch in my local mamas & papas store (now available in Uk) but is expensive compared to how much you can pick up the Peg Perego Switch for online, almost £90 more expensive!!! (Peg perego £260, Mamas Papas £350) The mamas & papas fabric isnt that nice either and it is only available in one fabric. With Peg perego version you get 3 choices. I did have peg perego one on order but the order was delayed and I cancelled it, but after seeing the pliko switch in the flesh I really wish I had been a bit more patient. It is quite long when it is fully reclined (pram mode), but the seat is a good size and would last right up to toddler stage, or until you no longer needed a pushchair. May have to sell my regular pliko and treat my baby boy to a Peg perego switch!

babyjjbaby Thu 06-Mar-08 21:36:04

oh luvly i wonder i feastagte store would have it in i have got a excuse to go and see now lol smile

babyjjbaby Thu 06-Mar-08 21:38:57

do u think that u would be able to just buy the frame and put a ultima seta unit off a mpx frame on it any1

franklin Fri 07-Mar-08 22:01:32

Well fellow pram addicts, have ordered my peg perego switch today in the bambu colour, with matching change bag at the bargain price of £315, delivered to my door. Will let you all know when it arrives, should be early next week.

tab Tue 11-Mar-08 14:48:54

hallo peg perego people! Can anyone just clarify something for me ...
The seat presumably folds up at the bottom to make it into pramette shape - is that right?, then once its in that shape, do you have to unfold it back to seat shape in order to collapse the pushchair? Do you see what I mean. I want it to just collapse and go back into the car/wherever without having to dissassemble bits from the chassis? Advice gratefully awaited!

CarolineJS Thu 13-Mar-08 22:50:43

Hi, I bought the switch at the weekend after looking at several other reversible pushchairs. I know I made the right choice. It folds so easily either way. The seat is a great size and very comfortable. I broke my knee last week, but have found folding the switch and getting it in and out of the car a vreeze. The only downside is it is a little more cumbersome when folded than the original pilko. It comes with a raincover and pramliner to convert it into the pramette, so no fiddling with the seat shape. Would very much recommend this pushchair.

Coxy61 Fri 14-Mar-08 21:31:31

Hi there I was wondering if anyone who has the
Peg Perego pliko p3, does the chassie fold with the pushchair on or does it only fold when the chassie is naked?
Found all your info on these pushchairs very helpful.

tab Mon 17-Mar-08 09:55:04

Hi Coxy61. I went to see it yesterday. It folds with everything on in allmodes and you can take the seat off and fold it. What I cant remember is if the car seat goes on top of everthing or whether you have to take the seat off to put the car seat on. Pretty impressive although heavy imo. Difficult to tell though as I am 35 weeks pregnant!

tab Mon 17-Mar-08 09:55:13

Hi Coxy61. I went to see it yesterday. It folds with everything on in allmodes and you can take the seat off and fold it. What I cant remember is if the car seat goes on top of everthing or whether you have to take the seat off to put the car seat on. Pretty impressive although heavy imo. Difficult to tell though as I am 35 weeks pregnant!

Werdna Sat 24-May-08 18:56:47

Can I ask Franklin who bought the Pliko Switch from the website Bimbo market, whether it comes with the pram liner? I just saw it today in Mamas and Papas and it costs £350 but comes with a pram liner. I prefer the colour choices on the Bimbo market website but if it doesn't come with a pram liner I don't know whether I would be able to get on separarately.

JoyS Sun 25-May-08 10:22:50

Hi Werdna, I got my pliko switch from Amazon for £338 incl shipping. It's the same one as on Bimbo market. It didn't come with a pram liner but you can buy various pram liners from the mamas & papas website. I don't understand why they use such boring fabrics.

I'm using it for DD (2yrs) at the moment and it is great! Really comfortable seat and it's the only pushchair DD will go into willingly. Planning to get a sheepskin liner and buggyboard when DD2 arrives in July!

Psychobabble Wed 28-May-08 11:55:15

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

JoyS Wed 28-May-08 14:31:31

I think it would depend on the toddler, I don't think mine will be able to use the footrest just yet and definitely not for long periods because it would involve holding on with hands as well. Footrest won't work with the seat rearfacing but a buggyboard should be just fine. It's almost exactly like a regular M&P Pliko and pretty similar to the silver cross 3D, so you could probably have a look at one at John Lewis or mothercare.

Psychobabble Wed 28-May-08 19:45:59

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Werdna Fri 20-Jun-08 17:05:17

So I got my Pliko Switch from Bimbo Market for about EUR 320, and it didn't come with the Pram Liner. But the Pram Liner that you can buy as an individual item in Mamas and Papas does not fit in the Pliko Switch, and the Pram Liner that is specific to the Pliko Switch is not sold as a spare part. Seems that Peg Perego and Mamas and Papas UK manufactures a different model of pushchair! Very frustating.... So I'm wondering what liner I can get now, as it needs quick a thick one so that my newborn won't feel the harness underneath..... JoyS, did you buy the sheepskin liner? Is it thick enough to mask the protruding harness underneath?

babyjjbaby Fri 20-Jun-08 17:57:02

what about a mypod liner or a mattress

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