Best Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner for under £100?

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saltcod Fri 11-Jan-08 12:40:16

My Dyson has just died so looking for a new hoover. Really fancy a lighter cylinder model this time, preferably bagless. Don't want to spend much more than £100.

Have looked at miele ones as they seem to come highly recommended, but they don't do a bagless one. Also, the upright cleaners have great revolving brushes that pick up all the hair/cat hair etc - are there any cylinders that have a rotating brush as part of the standard brush (not one where you have to change it for the turbo brush)? Or is it not really an issue? Haven't used a cylinder vacuum for years now!


PalomaPicasso Fri 11-Jan-08 13:17:52

go for miele. the bags are v clean and fine and the service is superb. there is a miele dog and cat one I have which is excellent (although I think may have a turbo brush)

anyway they are by far the best. any miele is better than the most expensive dyson

saltcod Fri 11-Jan-08 14:17:09

Is the economy miele better than the Henry? They've got him for £65 on amazon at the mo, so over £40 cheaper!

PalomaPicasso Fri 11-Jan-08 17:24:24

The Henry is a good, robust machine much beloved of eg builders because it can take anything you throw at it. I had one for a long time. It is a bit heavier to drag around though, and can be a bit top heavy, tends to fall down the stairs etc if you are hoovering down a few treads. I prefer the miele, lower centre of gravity, quieter, much easier to pull around - but if the Henry is much cheaper than the Miele and that matters to you, then I'd be tempted by the Henry.

PalomaPicasso Fri 11-Jan-08 17:25:54

Also changing the bag on the Henry is a bit of a messier business than on the Miele.

The Henry is a Ford Ka - good, robust, does the stuff. The Miele is a Mini - more elegant, more refined, prettier but pretty similar really

saltcod Wed 16-Jan-08 16:09:16

lol... thanks for that. Particularly wanted the turbo brush to make it comparable with the dyson. Found the Miele Pet on special offer at Currys, so forked out for that. Very pleased with it! Glad I went for one with the turbo brush, though - with the ordinary head it's pretty hard work.

nappyaddict Mon 21-Jan-08 15:36:47

saltcod sorry to hijack but you know the bebecar racer that you had was it the one with air tyres or solid tyres?

saltcod Fri 25-Jan-08 14:14:02

Hiya, it was the one with air tyres

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