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Boots Mini-Mode bear comforter. Help!

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bee3 Tue 23-Nov-04 09:40:56

This is really a shot in the dark - but worth a try. 9 month old Ds is completely smitten with his comforter, and won't sleep without it. He laughs out loud when given it B4 naps etc. and it will stop any tears/upsets (a real comfort!). He even laughs and grabs at photos of his bear (no reaction to photos of Dh or me....) All this is great, except I have nightmares about us loosing it, and it's a pain to get washed and dried between sleeps. Have tried every Boots in the area to get a spare. Even emailed headoffice, but apparently they aren't making them anymore
BTW we've tried weaning him onto similar designs of comforters, but all have been rejected in disgust.

The comforter is white and has the Boots mini-mode bear head, padded, and then a soft white fleece square with 4 knots in each corner for the body.
Does anyone have one that their child hasn't become attached to? I'll pay hard cash and lots of it! Fingers crossed, you're my last hope

woodpops Tue 23-Nov-04 09:53:56

Have you got a picture of it???

bee3 Tue 23-Nov-04 09:55:41

I have a digital camera, so a picture would be easy to send. Do you think you've got one!

woodpops Tue 23-Nov-04 10:17:45

If you could get a piccie I'll keep an eye out for you. I work for Boots.

Why don't you contact head office again and ask them to check if any of their stores in the country have any of them left in stock. It will probably have an item code on the label.

LIZS Tue 23-Nov-04 10:24:01

We've just bought dd (3) Teddy mark 2, hidden away in case of disaster with Teddy mark 1 - so I know the feeling. She's taken to chewing the cotton "skirt" and it is very thread bare so definitely a good investemnt ! Ours is a German brand though so can't specifically help but they are readily available here of a close match would do. Good luck with the quest Woodpops!

bee3 Tue 23-Nov-04 10:39:48

woodpops - thanks so much for offer of help. When I contacted Headoffice, they took the item code and checked stock levels for me, and I think checked stores. I have to say they were brilliant. They said the comforter had been on sale, just after I bought it (just my luck) so that all stock had gone. No plans to reintroduce either
Liz - you have done the right thing! I'm so daft. As an early years teacher I always buy 2 of any toy that's going to play a role in the classroom (go home with diary etc) in case the original's lost, but didn't do it for my own poor babe. I suppose at the time of buying it I didn't realise it would become his favourite. Ah well.

misdee Tue 23-Nov-04 10:42:13

dd2 now has two babbits (white rabbit from the bear factory) she knows she has 2 but favours one over the other. i am gonna put the 2nd one away, as am scared of losing one.

woodpops Tue 23-Nov-04 10:48:08

Why don't you get a dummy clip for it then??

incywincy Tue 23-Nov-04 10:50:25

Is it this one by any chance ebay

bee3 Tue 23-Nov-04 12:55:52

Incywincy YOU ABSOLUTE STAR! There he is! I had searched on ebay, but not for a few days. Right I'm off to find out about registering. Never done it before. I'm all ready for a bidding war. Thankyou,thankyou.

ninarosamlee Sun 30-Dec-12 23:45:23

Hi there! I am absolutely gutted as my little man who is now 6 has just lost his one of these bears too over Christmas and is besides himself :-( he has it every night sonce birth!! Please please please can anyone help that has one that they are not using or knows where I can buy one, thx

ninarosamlee Sun 30-Dec-12 23:47:00

Do you you know where I can get one please as I am now is the same boat as you with a little man who is beside himself after loosing his snuggle :-( thx

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