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What is the best double buggy?

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Socci Mon 22-Nov-04 14:25:16

Message withdrawn

handlemecarefully Mon 22-Nov-04 14:42:36

Do you definitely mean a double? or are you also considering tandems?

Everyone recommended the Kiwi explorer to me because it is lightweight, not very wide and easy to manouvre....and I'm just waiting for peeps to recommend it here. However, I've not liked it because the toddler is meant to sit at the front with the baby / smaller child at the back. So when dd (2.4) hops out of the front to walk for a bit,it alters the weight distribution and the buggy has toppled backwards with 7 month old dd still sitting in the back at the time).

Socci Mon 22-Nov-04 14:48:16

Message withdrawn

codswallop Mon 22-Nov-04 14:48:25

I wodul say none really
theya ll seemt o be unfeasible large
if your age gap is 2 years I wodul try ad manage without

nailpolish Mon 22-Nov-04 14:49:14

whats the age gap socci? or is it twins

Socci Mon 22-Nov-04 14:50:52

Message withdrawn

codswallop Mon 22-Nov-04 14:51:26

buggy board

moondog Mon 22-Nov-04 14:52:30

The Phil & Ted thing (is it E3 or something?)
Got one because my sister insisted that it was the business and she is right! Narrow (no walking with your arms splayed like a cavewoman)no effort to push and can be adjusted for any possible combo.
(tiny baby and toddler,two toddlers, one baby, one baby etc.)

It does unfortunately cost a packet (hard for me as I hate spending a lot on baby equipment) and is quite heavy when folded but even so it is brill, and apparently it has a good resale value.

codswallop Mon 22-Nov-04 14:53:05

for a three year old though?

Socci Mon 22-Nov-04 14:54:55

Message withdrawn

nailpolish Mon 22-Nov-04 14:55:24

just asking socci cos ive got a 2 yr old and a 5 wk old and i bought a buggy board after much consideration and im glad i did. i bought one that 2 yr old dd can sit down on, not just stand

Socci Mon 22-Nov-04 14:57:43

Message withdrawn

nailpolish Mon 22-Nov-04 14:59:29

i really like mine cos dd1 can sit on it, its like a little seat as well as a standy thing

i know mothercare do a pretty cheap side by side that my cousin bought for her twins that she really likes

handlemecarefully Mon 22-Nov-04 15:09:42


I've got the Phil and Ted thing (the Kiwi explorer), but it overbalances and falls backwards (see my post below).

moondog Mon 22-Nov-04 15:13:45

Sooy, didn'r realize it was the same thing!
My ds is only 19 weeks so maybe i haven't had that prob yet-although my sister has an 11 month old and 3 year old and she loves hers.

I used to have a dreadful one from a Moscow depertment store-didnt even realise how crap it wasuntil my mother tried it and sid it was lkie a wonky troleyy! Als ogave ma a bad back.

Soory about t*&^%%ping-trying to b/feed as well.

cas73 Mon 22-Nov-04 15:21:32

I just bought one from america (unfortunatly they don't ship here - do you have anyone over there?) that has and integrated buggy board AND and little seat at the back dd1 can sit on. She absolutely loves it! Refuses to go into the twin buggy now....
Will try to find it and do a link:

handlemecarefully Mon 22-Nov-04 15:38:09

That's okay Moondog, I hope I didn't sound curt with my post.

In hindsight I wish I had gone for a buggy board - and a sittable down one at that.

skiingmummy Mon 22-Nov-04 16:05:08

Interesting thread Socci as I'm just in the process of sussing out options for doubles with no 2 due in Jan when DS will be 2!

Only prob with buggy board - do toddlers tend to stay on? - have visions of no1 launching themselves off it or refusing to sit/stand on it in the first place. Also what if out in the afternoon when no1 needs somewhere to nap?

Like twins but been told most won't fit thro most shop doorways. Is this the general experience?

Also been told most tandems awkward to manouver with heavy toddler in front. Again is this true?

Don't know about you Socci but I feel a bit reluctant to spend lots but then like you have no idea what to get!!! Will follow this thread with interest!

mummytummy Mon 22-Nov-04 16:13:17

I have a 2.7 year old and 7 month old, and bought the WE2 Combi. I think it is absolutely fantastic, and it is very light.

Socci Mon 22-Nov-04 18:14:50

Message withdrawn

Socci Mon 22-Nov-04 19:29:54

Message withdrawn

jennifersofia Mon 22-Nov-04 20:36:56

I use pram and buggy board for my 3.9 yr old (bad walker) and my 2 yr old, and it works pretty well. Have not had much problem with them getting off and running around - but was quite firm in the beginning that that was not okay. Yes, tandems are hard to push and manover, especially as the heavy child is usually in the front so that means you need a lot of leverage to push front up to get up curbs. If you are short and live with a lot of curbs, this can be a nightmare! Re; side by sides, yes, there are fitting-in-doorway problems. I think the slimmest of the lot are the maclaren double and also the (Mamas and Pappas?) Aria.
Handlemecarefully, have you ever used the pram weights sold by Cheeky Rascals? They stop tipping apparently.

lockets Mon 22-Nov-04 20:43:02

Message withdrawn

KBear Mon 22-Nov-04 20:47:38

My experience of a tandem pram is a positive one.

My DD was 2.5 when DS was born. I bought a Mothercare tandem pram (in the sale for £60!!) and used it constantly. I pushed it up a steep hill to nursery every day too (wonderwoman) and it was hard work but do-able!! I even let my DD hop on the front on the way home from school when she first started in reception and was EXHAUSTED after school - we have a twenty five minute walk home.

Don't know how I would have managed without it when DD was younger - she was a snoozy child in the afternoons too and having the tandem meant I never had a screaming child dragging behind me too tired to walk home from anywhere. (And living near Bluewater meant I could shop in peace for hours too!)

Look out for a bargain - when the pram colours change each season the baby shops sell them cheap. It was the best £60 I ever spent.

hunny Mon 22-Nov-04 21:34:16

We bought a Maclaren Twin Traveller on ebay (Germany) for our 6 month ds and 2 year dd. I really couldn't manage without it. It's lightweight (for a double), manoeuvres really well and is narrow - at about 76cm goes through most normal doorways. Although the trade-off I suppose for its narrowness is that it's not suitable for big or much older kids. DD is okay in it even with her winter coat on - I estimate she'll be okay in it for another year or so, but she is quite big for her age. When collapsed it isn't that small so is quite a tight squeeze in our car boot. They are a bit expensive but ebay usually has a few and do them. But for me it was well worth the money (and they do have good resale value I think).

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