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BLOPENS- HOW do you get them to work

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yurt1 Fri 04-Jan-08 16:04:40

ds3 just been given a set for his birthday. We've had them before- I have never managed to get them to work.... help!

Iota Fri 04-Jan-08 16:06:22

we have never managed to make them work effectively either

Twiglett Fri 04-Jan-08 16:06:34


ok you turn the pen bit the other way round and jam it back up

and then you blow really hard .. as hard as it takes to blow up a really good quality balloon .. it gets slightly easier

it gives me a headache / dizzy spells but DS was able to do it

Twiglett Fri 04-Jan-08 16:07:17

until I accidently yeah right lost them of course grin

yurt1 Fri 04-Jan-08 16:20:56

OK we have sussed it. You need to put it in the clear plastic bit first and make sure that the nib is at the bottom- right at the bottom- then it works! wahay!

LLR6 Sun 09-Jun-19 08:22:01

Yurt1 you’re a genius. Just really helped us thanks.

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