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I need a bicycle like Angelina's!!!!

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Ellaroo Fri 19-Nov-04 19:45:44

I wonder if any of you know where I can get a very traditonal, shiny, red child's bike with stabilisers for a 3 year old? I want to get this for dd as her Christmas present and have dreams of giving her one just like the one Angelina Ballerina recieves in the story about her birthday (basically shiny, red, lovely and deliciously old-fashioned!). I have searched on the Internet and everything seems to be very Barbie orientated! Please help. Thanks, Ellaroo x

Ellaroo Fri 19-Nov-04 19:47:09

i before e except after c - sorry should have re-read it before posting!!!!

Hulababy Fri 19-Nov-04 19:53:49

These are red and glittery and here too . Not seen the book so not sure exactly how you mean though.

Or something like this ?

Ellaroo Fri 19-Nov-04 20:03:50

ah, Hulababy - thanks for all those links! Fantastic. The kind I mean are basically the kind we all probably had as children - made by Rayleigh I think, all one colour and so shiny and wonderful, and delightfully free of any disney characters! . (As you can tell this bike is as much for me as dd who would love a bike with disney characters on, but while spending the money I can't see the harm in finding my dream bike at the same time!!! .

Jennisaurus Sat 20-Nov-04 18:09:02

Its not red, but it is traditional link

Its not plain, but red link

Hope this helps

JanH Sat 20-Nov-04 18:27:21

Do you mean kind of like this only small, ellaroo?

JanH Sat 20-Nov-04 18:38:06

Gazelle Dutch bikes, available to order from cycle heaven .

Not cheap though - and not that different from the ones you can get here.

aloha Sat 20-Nov-04 19:08:07

You can tell I have a boy and not a girl, can't you...I thought Angelina referred to Angelina Jolie, and thought, 'Hmm...can't imagine her riding a bike somehow'

tamum Sat 20-Nov-04 19:46:38

I know exactly how you feel- I haven't looked for this precise thing, but I have been in this situation where you know exactly what you want to get and it just doesn't exist. For those of you who don't know what ellaroo is talking about there's a toy one here

The closest I have found (though not remotely red) is here . I guess if it were sprayed it would look quite similar but it's not an ideal solution, is it?

Hulababy, I would guess your dd would love Angelina books (and the extensive range of toys). She's just the right age to start, and with the ballet connection....

Aloha, lay some in now I should

Ellaroo Sun 21-Nov-04 21:10:35

Thank you so much all of you!!! lol Aloha! Jennisaurus, I think those Fisher bikes are exactly what we have been looking for - not red, but perfect in every other way! Thank you very much!!!! I hope my dd is slightly safer on her bike than Angelina was on hers though...!

jessjones Sat 05-Feb-05 14:20:51

Hi if it helps I know of an online website from the uk selling over 400 Angelina Ballerina products, its fab



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