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Zoom twin pushchair (and other rear facing twin pushchairs) HELP

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lorisparkle Thu 03-Jan-08 20:16:50

I'm desperate for a twin pushchair where both the toddler and the newborn can face me.

The icandy pear is a nightmare - DS1 does not fit the toddler seat and he is only 18months.

We're going to see the firstwheels one to see if it fits in the boot of the car and whether it will fit through doorways.

I've seen the Zoom twin mentioned but wondered if anyone has any knowledge of it other than the twins website

I know bebe confort do one but we are concerned that it has not passed British Safety Standards

If anyone can help me find my ideal twin pushchair I would be very grateful.

JustMissyNow Thu 03-Jan-08 20:23:35

i cant get that link to work

lorisparkle Fri 04-Jan-08 13:48:00

Sorry JustMissyNow. It works on my PC but here is another link to see if it works.

JustMissyNow Fri 04-Jan-08 16:43:51

oh thats better. hmmm not sure on the main pic option good for twins though i imagine. it looks ok though...........will look again!

maxnchaznlucytoo Fri 04-Jan-08 19:47:57

Hiya, hope I can some help. The Firstwheels one is lovely but very wide and tall, and weighs 22kg!!! Yes really!
I have owned a bebe confort Twin Club, it was the 1st double I bought, it handled really nicely, folded easily and was easy to set up in all directions. The only things I didn't like were having to take all the seats and adapter off before folding the chassis - bit like the Pear? I also didn't like the way the toddler seat at the front kind of dangled in space when facing outwards, it looked like it would have been better moved closer to the centre of the pram.

The other options I would consider are the Emmaljunga Twin Cerox 360, saw this in the flesh recently and was very impressed.
The other is the Jane Powertwin, using the Rebel car seat to have newborn facing you - I still use mine like this with my 8 month old and 2 year old.

Hope thats some help!

lorisparkle Fri 04-Jan-08 19:55:54

Thanks for the suggestions. I've found the company that manufactures the zoom. They are called leebruss and have a showroom down in Bristol. Think I might have a look. I'll see if anywhere near us does the Emmaljunga. I'm not keen on getting another car seat. I think the double pushchair will break our budget. I did notice that the jane twin (no the powertwin) can have a carrycot on it so will have to look at that option aswell. Only 3 months to go - at this rate it will be a sling and a pushchair!

JustMissyNow Fri 04-Jan-08 21:01:58

i have just decided to settle on a nipper but obviously not rear facing. my dd1 is 2 and dd2 is 4 months so until my dd1 is bit better at walking and doing as she is told i will use a nipper. bit like the mb but cheaper

millie1 Fri 04-Jan-08 22:23:27

Lorisparkle ... what a concidence ... someone else mentioned the Zoom only today on the Multiples Board. If you do go and see it, would you mind reporting back on what you find - pretty please? We're expecting twins in May so are examining our options at present. TIA

oneandtwins Tue 13-Jan-09 12:00:42

hi, i have the phill and ted e3 twin side by side and use it for 5mth twins but my four year old who is in 5-6 clothes fits in the seats. it's a fab pushchair great to push & fits through all standard doorways have no probs in shopping centers!!!

MNurse Tue 27-Jan-09 00:35:13

I'm a twins and triplets maternity nurse and have used many twins prams. I've used the Zoom and loved it. It's easy to move, can have twins or toddler and baby or two toddlers. Can have them facing you, each other or forward. It's not not heavy (for a twin) The rain covers a bit naff but you can just get two carry cot rain covers if you wanted.

carrielou2007 Tue 27-Jan-09 08:35:55

Have you not seen the Kolecraft? One of the mums from pushchair char was very similar, loved her phil and teds but wanted mummy facing. She bought first wheels and sooooo wide and heavy was just not practical. She bought one of the above and has been really really happy with it. Look her up on pushchair shed (techno) if you want to ask her, I think she has pics too.

emmam440 Tue 30-Jun-09 15:00:21


've seen one. They have one on the floor at munchkins in grantham. the web address is

I think they're good. Loads of room for both children and they fold really small.It is quite long but i didn't find that to much of a problem

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