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If you are tall i.e over 5ft 8 which pushchair do you have ?

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Beauregard Tue 01-Jan-08 20:19:41

Cos i am very tall and need a cheap second hand umbrella fold pushchair but need to know which one has long handles.

I have a 3 wheeler with a fixed front wheel (nightmare to push and huge),i need a new pushchair as i shall be buying a small car so boot space will be limited.


holidaywonk Tue 01-Jan-08 20:21:18

Techno XT (Maclaren) very good - extendable handles, pretty much indestructible.

tassisssss Tue 01-Jan-08 20:21:41

I'm just under 6 foot and have a maclaren quest. It's fine height wise.

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

CarGirl Tue 01-Jan-08 20:22:14

yep dh has found thte techno xt fine an he is 6'3"

lennygrrl Tue 01-Jan-08 20:22:25

Message withdrawn

Beauregard Tue 01-Jan-08 20:24:53

Thanks for the quick responses.

I am 6ft 2 so long handles a necessity.

How easy do you think it would be to get one 2nd hand ?

babalon Tue 01-Jan-08 20:29:37

m + p pilko for me smile

CarGirl Tue 01-Jan-08 20:31:44

they come up on ebay regularly

Beauregard Tue 01-Jan-08 20:33:12

Thanks Cargirl

LadyOfTheFlowers Tue 01-Jan-08 20:35:09

Am 5.11 and find Pliko and Zapp great.

DontDreamItBeIt Tue 01-Jan-08 20:36:01

Techno is definitely your most likely one to get second hand, but if you can get a BabyDan ToGo, their handles acually go higher than the techno so you can be tall and wear high heels if you want[gin]

hippipotami Tue 01-Jan-08 20:36:20

I am 6ft 1 and found the Techno FAB!!

Have to vote against the pliko. He handles are not too bad, but there is hardly any striding distance between the handles and the rear wheels. So I kept stepping on the rear wheels and tripping up.

Go for the Techno. Tall handles, lightweight, small folding, and reclines nearly flat for thos toddler naps!

chonky Tue 01-Jan-08 20:37:33

I'm 5'11 and will add a vote for the Techno. Brilliant. Also had a MB Urban for off-road, which has a v.g. extendable handlebar.

Beauregard Tue 01-Jan-08 20:38:16

Dontdreambeit- I used to have a BabyDan to go and it did ...go ...knackered in about 8 months.

chonky Tue 01-Jan-08 20:38:42

<feels slightly miffed that you lot are taller than me - I'm used to being the only tall woman in the village>.

silkcushion Tue 01-Jan-08 20:39:04

I'm 5 11 dh is 6 4 and we have an icandy apple with adjustable handle. has been v good so far

Nemostwonderfultimeoftheyear Tue 01-Jan-08 20:41:05

bruin one with bubbles on it..handles are a lot higher than the more expensive red bruin.

Mamazon Tue 01-Jan-08 20:41:46

im 6'1 and the most comfortable buggy i have ever know is the Maclaren techno.

the handles are adjustable so they can be raised really high.

teh first buggy i haven't had to lean over to push lol

Beauregard Tue 01-Jan-08 20:43:35

lol Chonky

I have started a Wanted thread for the Maclaren.

Thanks ladies.

DontDreamItBeIt Tue 01-Jan-08 23:00:55

grinpelvicfloornomore. Ive used mine daily for almost two years now, but I did knacker the folding mechanism the first time I used it, so i stays up permanentlyblush

Pannacotta Tue 01-Jan-08 23:09:48

are lots of these on ebay for low prices, many of them new, esp if you dont mind which colour/s it is...

Beauregard Tue 01-Jan-08 23:11:04

Thanks Pannacotta

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