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Replacement parts for graco buggies

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tutu100 Sat 29-Dec-07 21:14:22

Just wondering if anyone has bought replacement parts for their graco. I have a mirage which only cost me £50 2 years ago, but the shopping basket has now had it and needs replacing. I am going to email Graco to ask how much a replacement is, but just wondering if anyone on here knew.

I'm starting to think that it will probably not be worth replacing as the buggy was so cheap to start with.

Anyone know anything about Graco and replacement parts?

nobodysfool Sat 29-Dec-07 22:36:24

I had a metro sport that broke a few months ago.I ordered a replacement part but when it arrived it didn't fit.They had updated the model and i was gutted.I think it was £8 but they did refund the cost.I bought another Graco from a mnetter.So glad i found another one.Ds is soooo comfy in it.Have you looked on ebay for spares or a replacement they had such good buys on there.Good luck.

tutu100 Sun 30-Dec-07 09:40:32

Yes I have looked on ebay, but they have no baskets. Either that or I'm not looking in the right place. I will email Graco to find out how much a new one is. If it's a tenner or so then thats fine I just though if they said it's £20 or more then I would probably buy a new buggy as several places have the mirage on offer at the moment.

I just needed some one to prepare me in case I was in for a shock! But it sounds like their customer service is pretty good.

Thanks for replying to my post.

miomama Thu 23-Feb-17 21:20:29

Looking for a Graco Metro front wheel if anyone selling. This buggy was bought in 2016 so not such an old edition. Can send paypal payment for the right part.

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