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lexcat Fri 21-Dec-07 19:16:26

Keep getting water in my ears. I'm looking of earplug that don't block out the sound, as most of my swimming is done with dd. I have never used earpugs for swimming so if their are any swimmer out please help.

chocolateshoes Fri 21-Dec-07 19:34:16

DP swears by his earplugs but have just asked him and he doesn't know what make they are. He says it does block out quite a bit of sound though. They are red and plastic and come in a little round plastic transparent box. Hope that helps a bit!!

Seona1973 Fri 21-Dec-07 19:53:39

have a look in Boots or your local chemist as they tend to sell them

lexcat Sat 22-Dec-07 10:10:45


Bubbaloo Sat 22-Dec-07 21:14:33

We get ours in Boots.

bethanljones89 Mon 23-Sep-13 13:36:17

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