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Can anyone recommend a fridge?

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jasper Fri 18-Oct-02 00:20:06

Last time I bought a fridge I bought a biggish, cheap Candy fridge/freezer and it has never been great. Basically the fridge has two settings - warm, or freeze. This does not bother me unduly , I have sort of learned to live with it, but have decided the risk of poisoning my children is probably too great and I should buy a new frdge which at least keeps the food cold.
Anyone got any thoughts?
I did look at the retro 50s style Smeg fridges but up close was disappointed in the finish ( thought the kid- on metal but actually plastic old fashioned handle looked cheap and nasty)
Aga have started making fridges....but they cost about £3ooo. (yes, that's three THOUSAND)
Help me out ladies .

Bobbins Fri 18-Oct-02 00:30:02

I bought a Scandinova a few months ago...dogy name, but it seems very fine so far, and not too expensive. Its frost free, and apparently they are usiually well dodgy, but I was willing to take the risk.

Ex partner hacked away at the forst in the last one, and did the tubes in. VERY helpful, I forgave him at the time!!!!

badjelly Fri 18-Oct-02 11:07:46

We bought a Hotpoint Ice Diamond about 2 years ago and haven't had any problems with it so far. It's standard size but they make them both with and without the ice compartment and it was only a couple of hundred pounds. They're really common so if you look around you can get really good deals on them. (They do freezers to match aswell if that's the sort of thing that your into!)

spacemonkey Fri 18-Oct-02 11:47:07

ooh, i'm thinking about buying one of those big american jobbies with (essential item this) an ice maker. I don't want a rubbish one, but at the same time I don't want to go much over £1000, so any recommendations would be welcome!

Demented Fri 18-Oct-02 14:17:05

Jasper, can't help much, only don't buy the Hoover fridge/freezer that I have, I'm on first name terms with the repair man!

I love the Smeg fridge but after reading your comments will have a closer look before ever purchasing one although I have a Smeg dishwasher and in my last house a Smeg oven, hob and extractor chimney and found them to be very reliable.

I saw the Aga fridge on a website yesterday, as we are looking for a range cooker just now, I was drooling!

Hope you find something you like!

elliott Fri 18-Oct-02 14:27:05

I swear by Bosch! I've got their upright fridge freezer and its fab. Washing machines never break down either. HTH

Crunchie Fri 18-Oct-02 14:51:13

It really depends what you want, whether you want the trendy look or a good fridge that works? Bosch always come out well in Which trials, but I found they weren't big enough for the space I had. I have just bought an Ariston which Ilove, it's slightly retro looking and has a stainless steel finish (well fake!) If I had the space I would go for one that's at least 70cms wide as you get masses more space inside. Go for an 'A' grade appliance which is energy saving as it will be cheaper to run. I found it was really hard to choose, so decide what features are important (frost free? size of freezer?) then check out all the major places, Currys etc. If you have the budget £600+ you can look at some of the nicer brands like Seimens, Baumatic etc.

Demented - I have also just installed a range cooker, and I love it so much. I went for a modern looking silver finish one (90cm) from Rangemaster. Since I work in the business, let me know what features you are thinking about and I might be able to suggest a brand.

SoupDragon Fri 18-Oct-02 14:56:52

Spacemonkey, the American frisge/freezer I fell in love with was over £2000... oh, it was gorgeous! I have just the right spot for it in my kitchen too, the plumbing's there and everything!

Have a look on line, there are a number of discount appliance sites, none of which I can remember right now...

SoupDragon Fri 18-Oct-02 14:58:20

Just looked at the Aga fridge freezer out of curiosity - YUCK!

fairy Fri 18-Oct-02 22:34:01

We bought a large Bosch fridge and its excellent, it has been very good, has good glass shelves lots of door racks, and a bottle rack, and two veggie drawers.

It cost abot £435 from John Lewis.

Demented Fri 18-Oct-02 22:38:31

Crunchie, that's great. I was thinking about asking on Mumsnet but just hadn't got round to it. I quite like the Stoves 1100DFa in cream/champagne, we had SS in the last house but I don't think it would be the thing in here, also was getting a bit sick of cleaning the SS.

I don't know about Stoves, some of their stuff seems a bit cheapy but some of it really good, we are going to hunt down the 1100DFa tomorrow, so far only seen it on the net. It is dual fuel, grill, fan-oven, ordinary oven and storage, seven ring burner, one of which is a wok burner/griddle. The pan supports are cast iron and it has old fashioned lids that come down over each hob, it has an Aga sort of look about it (can't afford an Aga and my DH says I wouldn't like cooking on it, although how he knows is beyond me). A couple of places on the net want around £1,050 for it which seems quite good.

I would love to know an expert's opinion mind you as this is alot of money to us and I don't want to make any mistakes, so if you have any ideas I would be really grateful. Thanks!

Sorry Jasper didn't mean to hi-jack your thread, probably should have started my own!

sylvev Sat 19-Oct-02 21:35:02

I'm a Bosch girl too! Bought a huge larder fridge and separate freezer, (similarly big), and they are brilliant. No problems, loads of space and a joy to live with...ok I'm going ott now but would thoroughly recommend!

Bobbins Sat 19-Oct-02 22:04:27

Bosch are obviously in a diffeent income bracket to me. If you are looking for cheap and cheerful...I still think my Scandinova is smashing, and its one of the things that my ex actually daned to leave in the house...bye bye stereo, speakers, video, cd's...well I suppose they are all boy's things (and he is a boy.)

bea Sun 20-Oct-02 10:38:29

Crunchie and Demented!

Hoorah! i'm looking for a range cooker too! at first i fancied the baumatic... but than had loads of people saying think of all that cleaning!!! trying to keep it sparkley!

I too like the look of the stoves! but i like the idea of cast iron supports and i think the stoves are enamel!

i'm looking for at least 5 - 6 burners (gas) and a wok burner and two ovens.

any suggestions greatly appreciated! (£1000 - 1500 - although dh leans towards the £1000!!!_

i read the reviews in Which and the Belling Cookcenter 132 seems a good buy!

Crucnchie... i too looked at the Stoves and the price you found seems a pretty good deal!

i've got loads of internet appliances websites bookmarked, if your interested i'll post them for you!

Interested in following this thread... although a little off topic!!!

Demented Sun 20-Oct-02 14:40:23

bea the Stoves 1100DFa that I mentioned has cast iron pan supports, you can get it in a farmhouse style or a stainless steel one that they call Prestige (I think). and have it at a good price. The SS one I have seen and it looks really good, nice quality and I managed to see a smaller version of the farmhouse one yesterday and I am quite impressed with it too, I think this is the one we are going to go for although still waiting for the OK from DH, we have just moved, DH's work situation is not the best and finances are all over the place but fingers crossed.

SofiaAmes Sun 20-Oct-02 23:55:33

I've got a Stoves range with cast iron pan supports which I'm very happy with. I can't remember what model number it is, but it has 5 burners one of which is a wok burner. I got it for about half of what john lewis was charging by buying it from bdc (you have to set up an account and be in the building trade...not hard to pretend if you aren't).
I have an American style Whirlpool fridge/freezer with ice/water dispenser that I got from the American Appliance Company for under £1000 (again I think it was a special building trade price). Well worth every penny. Though in the new house we're going to get the same thing, but bigger.

Crunchie Mon 21-Oct-02 10:48:32

If you like the ss look, but don't wan tthe cleaning I can't recommend by Rangemaster enough. It is the Rangemaster Toledo 90cam. It has 5 burners (inc a wok burner) cast iron supports etc, two fan ovens and a separate grill. Best of all it is Silver, and no finger marks show up on it. I have had to clean the hood more than the cooker!! Retail price is £1499 (I think) But I have seen it for at price including the splashback and hood. Internet sites are great, please don't ask the addresses as I cannot do the links.

For less expensive, but nice looking fake SS fridges it's worth looking at Servis. They have big Fridge/freezers at about £350.

bundle Mon 21-Oct-02 11:36:09

our kitchen is Bosched out too...fridge, dishwasher and washing machine. nearly all purchased in John Lewis sales too (last year's model retailing at about £100 less because of different knobs etc, does the same job though)

Demented Thu 14-Nov-02 08:49:41

Yippee my new cooker arrived today!!! It came at 7am this morning, very efficient!!! Only problem is we are struggling to get an electrician to put a cooker point in as it has an electric oven. It looks fab mind you. In the end we went for the Stoves 1100 Dfa in cream with a black chimney hood £1241 including delivery. Going to spend the rest of the day making needless trips to the kitchen to have a look at it.

Have you found your fridge yet Jasper?

fizz1 Thu 28-Oct-04 15:31:24

Bosch fridge-freezers

Does anyone have one of their silver/ss fridge freezers. Want to get one but cant find a shop that stocks them to see what the finish quality is like (on some ss finish quality is tacky and plasticky) Anyone got a Bosch?

bundle Thu 28-Oct-04 15:32:57

i have a bosch, we got it in north london, but it's white, not silver.

Katepart Mon 11-Apr-16 16:47:37

Would stay away from aga. They are unreliable, customer service is awful and it's hard to find an engineer to fix. Ours stopped working at just over 12 months, aga didn't have an engineer in the whole of Dorset that dealt with fridges. Finally found local engineer who said it cold cost £1000 to fix and it might fail again in weeks so gave up and bought another fridge freezer

Paddingtonthebear Mon 11-Apr-16 16:55:59

We've got this. From John Lewis. It was slightly cheaper elsewhere but they price matched. They did £30 trade in for our old fridge freezer (which was knackered) and took it away. They brought the new one in, unwrapped it, installed it and took all the wrapping away. Excellent. My friends ordered a fridge freezer from A.O and whilst it was a bit cheaper they only delivered it to her doorstep fully wrapped and they had to struggle getting it inside, unwrapped, fitted etc.

I probably won't buy any large electricals from anywhere but John Lewis now, it's so pleasant and straightforward.

Paddingtonthebear Mon 11-Apr-16 16:56:51

This one

Paddingtonthebear Mon 11-Apr-16 16:58:30

Ha, just seen how old this post is blush

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