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Bebe Confort Twin Club

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Hoonette Thu 13-Dec-07 20:47:46

I'm wondering about buying a Bebe Confort Twin Club, but I'd like to know: What is the maximum weight of the babies it carries?
I read somewhere that it only takes children up to 10kgs, which seems very young indeed.
I'd be really grateful to hear from anyone who has this buggy and could let me know for how long they were able to use it.

LCF Fri 21-Dec-07 09:02:12

Hi! Am having the Twin Club for a 2-years-10-months year old and a 6-months old. Find it great since I've had all the seats already (Windoo, car-seat and Opera)for my first one, so later I only bought the Twin Club metal frame, and an additional new opera seat on e-bay for 30 pounds which arrived the next day after it had been ordered (fantastic!) Cannot comment on the Twin Club seats since I am using normal Opera seats (which go 180 derees flat for sleep), however as far as I know they are ok except they don't have the leg rest. As for the weight I haven't checked but my older one is about 14-15 kg by now - no problem, just a little harder to push. It also has a step for an older child to stand on occasionally if you use it as a single pram (another gerat feature) - my little one loves it. Overall it's very practical, the biggest downside - it's not as compact as other double prams, but if you don't have to take public transport, then it's not that bad!

Larsy89 Sun 30-Dec-07 22:31:43

I'm currently using the Twin Club with the seats it was sold with for my almost 2 year old who is def over 10kg and my 4 month old. The pram was bought second hand without an instruction manual so I don't know what the official weight limit is on the seats. My toddler finds her seat very comfy and sleeps like a dream in it as does the baby. The seats recline almost flat but there is no leg rest which doesn't seem to bother my toddler. Her little legs just stick out into the space in front of her when I lay her back. I wouldn't say the seat looks like it's under any strain and I'll continue to use it until my toddler has started to walk everwhere and then she can hop onto the integrated buggy board. It's a good pram. Let me know if you have any other queries.

Hoonette Fri 04-Jan-08 14:48:46

Thanks for the answers, that's very helpful.

jenniferjones Tue 13-Jan-09 15:21:55

Hello, please could someone tell me where I can buy the Bebe Confort Twin Club? I can't seem to find it anywhere online. I want to buy it asap as I have a 20mth old and a new baby due next month (unless I won't get much wear out of it??). Would really appreciate any advice. Many thanks.

lundan Sun 25-Jan-09 15:00:58

We have one we're selling. See link to ad if you live near Oxford.

hohlee Tue 29-Sep-09 12:54:22

Im desperate for one is anyone can tell me where to get one?

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