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anyone know what happened to the pushchair backcarriers

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secur Fri 05-Nov-04 15:40:29

Message withdrawn

smellymelly Fri 05-Nov-04 16:03:33

I managed to get a new one on ebay, last year. Which we are keeping for this time around. Maybe worth a look?

fairydust Fri 05-Nov-04 23:53:37


eidsvold Sun 07-Nov-04 01:39:16

they have just introduced these in aus


bloss Sun 07-Nov-04 02:59:33

Message withdrawn

secur Tue 09-Nov-04 11:15:19

Message withdrawn

secur Tue 09-Nov-04 12:30:27

Message withdrawn

tabitha Tue 09-Nov-04 12:50:53


I posted about this a wee while ago and someone suggested this

secur Tue 09-Nov-04 13:00:44

Message withdrawn

joolee Tue 21-Dec-04 11:09:09

Does anyone know where to get one in the UK? I need one for January and can't wait for international delivery!

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