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sky plus

(21 Posts)
codswallop Thu 04-Nov-04 21:56:53

effin fantastic

enid Thu 04-Nov-04 21:57:38

love it

codswallop Thu 04-Nov-04 21:57:54

really ssssssssssso good haev set vid fro memento tonight

enid Thu 04-Nov-04 21:59:09

do you say vid? or 'sky plus' - I am 'sky plussing' it we say.

codswallop Thu 04-Nov-04 22:00:39

hmm not sure yet is anew eveklopment chez wallop

lou33 Thu 04-Nov-04 22:04:18

memento is v good

codswallop Mon 08-Nov-04 14:49:09

ok sky plus is really good nowa s I set it to watch J and c
why is rachel not in it btw?

vict17 Mon 08-Nov-04 14:53:45

We have sky plus too and it is fantastic!

grumpyfrumpy Wed 10-Nov-04 15:44:51

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

sweetheart Wed 10-Nov-04 15:47:41

I'm so

We have big oak trees infront of our house so we can't pick up a signal for Sky - we have to put up with crappy shittie old Ntl!!!

codswallop Wed 10-Nov-04 15:51:24

yes we have a n offer
appresntly after xmas they introcude a better sky plus sothe old one is chap att he mo

Tessiebear Wed 10-Nov-04 15:53:12

..... has changed my life I would give DH away before i parted with it

champs Thu 11-Nov-04 00:34:03

I want it!! does it justify the extra subscription and box price? did you get the multiroom option? what is the offer?? I may treat dh for Christmas.

champs Sat 13-Nov-04 00:40:56


Clayhead Sat 13-Nov-04 08:47:04

champs, if you get movies or sport there is no extra subscripton, I think.

it's BRILLIANT We've had ours for a year now and I love it, no matter what disruptions there are I can always just pause TV and watch later! Also, I find I'm watching loads more films now you can watch one channel and tape another.

Did anyone see Ross Noble talking about it in the Times a couple of weeks ago? He was in love with it too.

champs Sat 13-Nov-04 13:25:53

ty clayhead!! is there adequate space on the hard drive. did you get the multiroom option? I was thinking of doing this so ds' can watch kiddie stuff.

Clayhead Sat 13-Nov-04 15:14:02

There is loads of space on the hard drive for us. We don't have 2 TVs so no multi room option for us!

dh works shifts so we love it as we can set whole series to 'tape' and then watch them whever we get the chance, without worrying about missing stuff. We watched 3 'West Wing' episodes last night (they actually only last about 40 minutes each when you go through the adverts), I have 2 films saved and a few other 1 hour programmes and we still have about 50% free.

I think the new one after Christmas will have even more space, if you're worried about that.

JoolsToo Sat 13-Nov-04 15:53:01

fantastic - I'm taping programmes for fun, rewinding bits I misheard, pausing for making a cuppa - FABULOUS!!!

JoolsToo Sat 13-Nov-04 15:53:25

fantastic - I'm taping programmes for fun, rewinding bits I misheard, pausing for making a cuppa - FABULOUS!!!

champs Sun 14-Nov-04 01:34:13

clayhead-- dont really need extra h/d just wondered why they neede such a big one so thought maybe there wasn't alot of space.
jools--- lol, sounds good. I've missed some very cri=ucial bits due to baby crying or kids makon noise or dh moaning..I mean talking... door bell.... it sounds better the mpre i hear the more i want it.

lowcalCOD Thu 13-Jan-05 12:16:55

here it is

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