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how big should cots be???

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manna Thu 03-Oct-02 20:48:32

strange question , really......

My ds (10 months, about 80 cms, tall) is sleeping in a cot from Ikea which is 116cm by 60cm. It seems so small. He's always wriggling up to the top, getting stuck, wedged in sideways etc. We're having broken nights for the first time since 12 weeks. I know there may be other reasons, but what about anyone else? How big is your cot? Do they need a bigger one when they get to be toddlers? Any antidote to roving baby sindrome?

florenceuk Thu 03-Oct-02 21:55:24

Manna, I think the mattress on our cot is 120m by 60cm, actual cot is a bit bigger than that - standard cot size actually. Suspect your ds would wiggle to the top of any bed - mine does in the travel cot (turns himself sideways) but it doesn't seem to disturb his sleep (relatively speaking as he is actually going through a phase of waking up at 5.30am, aargh!). He wakes up with red marks on his head from sleeping in funny positions - once after sleeping with his face on his fingers, he looked like he'd slapped himself, poor thing! But at 10mths, they should be able to wiggle out of it as well, so you could just try leaving him and seeing if he will go back to sleep? Is he still standing up or have you solved that one?

sb34 Thu 03-Oct-02 21:55:28

Message withdrawn

SueDonim Fri 04-Oct-02 09:16:13

SB34, I don't know if it is too late for you to persue the issue but I am sure Trading Standards would have been *very* interested in your story. The cot obviously wasn't fit for the puropse for which it was sold.

Manna, your cot does seem to be smaller than any cot I've had. Our last one was a cotbed which lasted my dd's until they were four. Is there anyone you could borrow a cot from, to see if your baby sleeps better?

manna Sat 05-Oct-02 10:57:05

flerenceuk - the standing up is solved! Hurrah - I gave in and phoned gina ford (who I'd used as a consultant months ago) she sorted it in 7 mins - Now we're back to normal.

I'm still worried about the size of the bed though - if he's 80cms now, how's he meant to be in it until he's at least 2? Whats a cot bed and when can they go into them? How big are they?

GillW Sat 05-Oct-02 18:56:56

Manna - so what's the magic 7 minute answer to standing in the cot then?

sb34 Sat 05-Oct-02 23:48:07

Message withdrawn

manna Tue 08-Oct-02 13:14:34

giilw - well - it's not exactly a cure to standing in the cot (tie them down??? ), more to why he was doing it. Basically, he was in the buggy for 1hr every morning, sleeping too long first nap and not getting enough exercise for a really active, slightly manic boy. So - 15min am nap, no trips until afternoon, plenty of scampering around before lunch, and hey presto, back to 2hrs every lunchtime - hurrah! He's now too tired to stand.......

futurity Wed 16-Oct-02 17:51:33

Manna...I hope you see this! I remembered this thread as I am having a similar sort of problem with my 9 month old with sleeping (not with standing up as he doesn't do that...yet!) . He keeps waking up 1 hour into his dinnertime nap and won't go back to sleep and I think it is due to having too long a morning nap (even though I try and reduce it to 20 mins).

Have you found reducing to a strict 15 mins a success...and does it cause a tired ds in the morning or has he got used to it?

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