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I want to buy a large wooden play centre/climbing frame - any recommendations?

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morningpaper Thu 08-Nov-07 11:34:59

Instead of spending a fortune on next year's summer holiday I want to buy a large wooden climbing frame/swing/slide type thing for the garden - under £500

Any recommendations? I want it to be strong enough for ME to play on it.

runnyhabbit Thu 08-Nov-07 11:39:49


We bought this for the ds's here(I know, its not a climbing frame, but they do climbing frmaes in this range) I've gone on the swing (but not down the slide - yet)Free delivery, and if you can hang on, I think I've got a 20% off code if you order before 1st Dec.

runnyhabbit Thu 08-Nov-07 11:42:08

ELC 20% discount code - 2080066150954

lailasmum Thu 08-Nov-07 11:42:17

we have a jungle gym one. Its a lot cheaper than most as you have to do a bit more work putting it together but it is really good and you can add bits on at a later date.

morningpaper Thu 08-Nov-07 11:44:42

It looks nice but ELC seem rather pricey

Also they are rather smaller in height than similar ones

This one from Argos is not much more expensive but you get much more

(I am quite tempted by this one)

runnyhabbit Thu 08-Nov-07 11:49:10

that argos one is great value.(plus you'd have enough change left for a weekend away, perhaps smile

dh and my dad were both impressed with elc one, though. said it was very sturdy, and then proceeded to test itgrin

morningpaper Thu 08-Nov-07 11:53:46

this one looks really good too!

morningpaper Thu 08-Nov-07 11:57:32

and this looks fab - I love the "treehouse" feel and the solid roof


Issy Thu 08-Nov-07 12:00:19

Well I guess it all depends how expensive your holiday was going to be: tegoryZ16515QQssPageNameZWDVWQQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem


morningpaper Thu 08-Nov-07 12:02:36

lololololol and shock

You would never see your kids again!

(cheaper than childcare though....)

PestoMonster Thu 08-Nov-07 12:03:03

We've got a
Houtland playframe and would thoroughly recommend it.

pooka Thu 08-Nov-07 12:09:28
they do a whole range, in different sizes and combinations

lailasmum Thu 08-Nov-07 15:10:10

The swing king one is a jungle gym one its the Jungle gym cabin with the swing arm on . Its the one we have. It was worth every penny. And a lot cheaper than a TP, plum products equivalent.
There are tons of different ones in their range though.

robin3 Thu 08-Nov-07 16:26:18

For a little more you can get one on ebay imported from Germany....we made a lower offer which was accepted but make sure you factor in delivery cost as well. You can also add on a longer swing arm. It arrives in pieces but once constructed it is really great. Made the bottom into a big sandpit as well. categoryZ16515QQssPageNameZWDVWQQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem

morningpaper Thu 08-Nov-07 18:18:11

that looks fantastic robin but is a big outside the budget as the delivery fee is 180

nice though!

ChasingSquirrels Thu 08-Nov-07 23:40:22

this one

3madboys Thu 08-Nov-07 23:46:09

we got one from and its fab, they sell a few diff ones and lots of accesories etc, so you can start little and then add bits on.

all three of my boys play on it all the time, and i have had a go too

spalky Wed 27-Jul-11 09:11:23

If your looking for a great company I bought a tree swing from them at Chelsea Flower Show this year but they also do great wooden climbing frames also. They are called JC Gardens and Climbing Frames, they are amazing,

Marne Wed 27-Jul-11 09:16:39

We have this, the dd's love it but it was a nightmare to put together (worth getting if you can find someone to put it together) took us 3 days to put it together but was worth it in the end.

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