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photo calenders ?

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nikcola Tue 26-Oct-04 16:27:14

who was it who done them relly cheap i am thinking of giveing them as xmas pressant im poor this year and im going to send one to my dad who has proberly forgot what dd looks like xx

nikcola Tue 26-Oct-04 16:32:34


jane313 Tue 26-Oct-04 16:34:48

I got soem for £16, so not cheap. But they were usually £20. They do cheaper ones with only one picture. here

nikcola Tue 26-Oct-04 16:42:26

someone on mn used to amke them nuit i lost her email add so im gonna keep bumping it up xxxxxx

nikcola Tue 26-Oct-04 16:53:58


nikcola Tue 26-Oct-04 17:01:40

bump bump

nikcola Tue 26-Oct-04 17:05:37

right where is the queen of products to help me out

Millie1 Tue 26-Oct-04 20:11:15

NCT are great - think they're doing 3 x A4 calendars for the price of one - well, that's what they did last year and it looks like the same offer this year. Check out their website - under shop.

nikcola Tue 26-Oct-04 20:12:05

whats ntc sorry if that sounds dumb

SofiaAmes Wed 27-Oct-04 01:14:56

I thnk Costco does them cheaply.

pixiefish Wed 27-Oct-04 08:15:23

is this what you were looking for nik

woodpops Wed 27-Oct-04 08:46:28

I've had some made at Boots. Only £5.99. It's only 1 sheet with your chosen piccie on top but they were fab. I was really chuffed with them.

jane313 Thu 28-Oct-04 21:15:42

The one page ones at are only £3.50 or only £1.75 for 20 or more! I've used them loads and they are really reliable

WideWebWitch Thu 28-Oct-04 21:18:02

Was it me? We've done them on our printer, so can't help with software as dp does it all in Photoshop. Great idea though.

Millie1 Fri 29-Oct-04 21:54:20

Aaaargh ... how silly am I? NCT (National Childbirth Trust) Calendars are 13.99 each but 3 for 31.99 or something. Anyway, sorry about the mis-info. Here's their website (if the link works) ..

\link {}

Clayhead Sat 30-Oct-04 09:56:19

trying to get it to work so I can look!!!

Clayhead Sat 30-Oct-04 09:58:15

personalised gifts on NCT website

Clayhead Sat 30-Oct-04 10:04:31

**apologies for thread hijack nikola**

Have just realised that I want one where you can upload digital pictures. I used pixology through Jessops last year and they were good but is there anyone else out there doing the same thing?

Any links gladly received!

Johnny Sat 30-Oct-04 15:23:16


I have been producing them for a couple of years myself for family and this year I am producing them commercially. The prices are £13.99 for one copy and then £8.99 for any additional ones. If anyone is interested e-mail me on and I will send you an order form. I would just need 13 photos of your choice either hard copy or digital and I will hopefully get it back intime for christmas pressies.

mieow Sat 30-Oct-04 16:29:06

My local college are doing FREE courses on making your own calenders with your own digital pictures. Its a three week course, just in time for xmas, it might be worth asking your college if they are doing anything similar, if you have the time.

mieow Sat 30-Oct-04 16:29:43

and its got a free creche, I think I might have a go.

zebra Sat 30-Oct-04 16:39:28

Argos, additions catalog.

rouge Thu 06-Jan-05 13:38:37

I ordered an NCT one mid-Nov. There was a big delay sending me the form and pack for sending them my photos, but I got them off in good time. The calendar, which was for DD's great-grandmother's 90th birthday on Boxing Day, has STILL NOT ARRIVED. The NCT are apologising, have offered a refund and say they're chasing up their supplier, but the fact remains that we're now well into 2005 and my poor old grandma has no birthday present and nothing to write her dates on.


Millie1 Thu 06-Jan-05 22:24:11

That's awful Rouge - really disappointing. I got the NCT one last year and their delivery was fantastic. This year, their pack is still sitting beside me waiting for me to send the pics off to be put on the calendar. A job for this weekend. Hope yours turns up soon.

lockets Thu 06-Jan-05 22:32:38

Message withdrawn

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