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Buggy handle extensions???

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nappybrain Fri 22-Oct-04 17:35:00

Hi - have just purchased a buggy board to go on Maclaren buggy - this is working really well and ds loves it. However my neck and shoulders are really hurting me after pushing dss in it!! I am quite tall and have to stretch to reach the buggy handles. Anyone know if you can get handle extensions??? (have seen some US ones but nothing in the UK so far...) Or does anyone have any other ideas for solving this problem?? Would be much appreciated - have a v stiff neck / shoulders at the moment... thanks!

TracyK Fri 22-Oct-04 18:55:46

would be interested too. bump.

Twiglett Fri 22-Oct-04 18:57:39

I've found that even with extensions (which come on the techno xt but don't think you can buy separately sorry) you need to adjust your work to make it work

being taller is actually a benefit

but you need to conciously drop your shoulders, shorten your stride and kind of stick your bum out a bit

HTH (but I doubt it)

TracyK Fri 22-Oct-04 19:06:39

my dh thought maybe he could customise bicycle handles in some way. Although that was 6 months a go and nothing has been done!

nappybrain Fri 22-Oct-04 21:31:15

Well i dread to think how I would be feeling if I was 5ft tall!! But perhaps I am getting off lightly and should be grateful - my shoulder is soooo sore though - made reversing my car really tough today! They aren't the most elegant things to push around really are they....tracyk your dh sounds like mine............
Am desperate - BUMP!

Tommy Sun 24-Oct-04 22:57:13

Just seen this in the hope that someone would have given an answer! Have started using buggy board a lot recently but my shoulders are killing me! Perhaps we should invent something?

ihave4boyz Tue 11-Jan-05 23:52:57

I found this website but the shipping rate from the USA is quite high but if you are desperate.... These are great though and help a lot...

ihave4boyz Tue 11-Jan-05 23:56:10

oh i found this for those busy moms...

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