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Bissell Powerwash Deep Cleaner

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Mog Tue 24-Sep-02 12:29:45

Thinking of buying one of these carpet cleaners as have a cream carpet bought pre-children! Has anyone experience of one of these and do they work?

Scatterbrain Tue 24-Sep-02 14:53:41

I've got one (a pro-heat model) and it's great - I've used it so much and the water goes horribly brown EVERY time !

The carpet is dry within 1-2 hours and it looks lovely and clean (mine is cream too) - trouble is, I think it gets dirty quicker somehow once you've cleaned it - that could be my imagination though !

It's just like a heavy hoover to use and you have to go back and forth slowly quite a few times to suck all the water back in. The only complain I have is that the Bissell fluid is pretty expensive and it gets through about half a bottle per room. Still cheaper and more convenient than getting the professionals in though.

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