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does anyone have a micralite?

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alfiebetty Tue 19-Oct-04 17:23:53

I have read conflicting advice on age of use some say 3 months and others 6 months any advice. I've been using mine with travel system but dd is coming up to 3ths, but is quite small not sure whether to use or not. Help

pamina3 Wed 20-Oct-04 09:29:58

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

alfiebetty Wed 20-Oct-04 10:50:10

thanks thats what I was worried about

codswallop Wed 20-Oct-04 13:42:49

I thought htey wer light aircraft!

fairydust Wed 20-Oct-04 14:28:08

3months is what the manufactor recomends if theres isn't to much padding then i'd use the buggy snuggle to pad it up

alfiebetty Tue 26-Oct-04 06:57:04

Have just bought a body support 'thingymugig' from John Lewis that makes it feel more secure, but might wait til dd is 4mths as she is only 11lbs 6oz...thanks for advice.

nasa Tue 26-Oct-04 07:42:29

I thought you meant the airplane thingy - my dad does!

treacletartandbrandybutter Wed 29-Dec-04 11:47:19

I have the first model and really like it - current model has a two position seat so should be bit more comfy for littleone - also
sunshade was very difficult to find but check out this previous thread

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