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Y-fronts for young boys

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PrettyCandles Thu 11-Oct-07 10:51:01

My very slender 7yo ds wants to wear Y-fronts, but I can't find any in children sizes. I've tried googling but keep coming up against soft-porn blogs! Jockey and Wolsey sites don't list any kids' stuff.

Any ideas?

tuftyclub Fri 12-Oct-07 00:55:26

m and s do some, my ds is very very slight , and whilst going through potty training instead of buying loads of very cheap pants which you can through I could only buy these

tuftyclub Fri 12-Oct-07 00:56:35

they are y fronts by the way if you make the pic bigger you can see. The link bit was 1/2 a page long shock

fieldmouse Wed 12-Nov-08 12:56:48

Okay, I'm 45 and wear Jockey's still (Y-fronts) and as a boy wore the Junior version. Jockey stopped making Y-fronts in boy's sizes a long while ago because with the advent of the boxer-short in the early 80's, Y-fronts have just gotten a horrible geeky reputation with the young, even 6yo's are seen in boxers nowadays! On a personal level the comfort and practicality of the Y-front as a brief has suited me lifelong so why would I change? It's cause people bow to fashion to make them look cool with their friends.

If your boy prefers this style already at what, age 7? - he has my warmest congrats - I would advise getting him to M&S who at least still do the A-line brief (as do Calvin Klein) and if he was age 13/14 of course then he might fit into a small man's size although Jockey manufacture Y-fronts only as low as 32" waist these days. Hope this helps!


horsemadgal Thu 13-Nov-08 10:08:38

I'm sure I saw some in Asda.

Mercy Thu 13-Nov-08 10:19:51

Ds is 4 and prefers trunks.

I finally found some in Adams which have Y-fronts here, hope this is the style you mean

theirmum Thu 13-Nov-08 10:28:33

Boden do them I have them for my 4 year old they are £16 at Boden so alot cheaper on ebay

mistersmum Thu 13-Nov-08 10:38:29

GAP -and they normally have some in the sale. I have stocked up for DS who is three. He doesn't use the hole, but likes being like daddy! I think a pack of three is def less than a tenner.

2under8boys Thu 16-Mar-17 12:42:28

i was raised in jockey y fronts and both my boys went from diapers to y fronts just like daddy, i did manage to find some on ebay some time ago and they had y fronts for boys fron 3yr od and up, they also had kangaro pouch which i also wear but at my sons ages there isnt much to support yet but they still enjoy looking like daddy

Lottylovesbread Thu 16-Mar-17 12:49:23

I bought some in primark. Lovely and soft in reds and blues. After searching all over.

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