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ugg boots

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nicm Sun 17-Oct-04 17:13:52

hi can anyone please tell me where i can buy uggboots and they are in stock? i would like a pair of classic or essential tall in size 6 in the chestnut colour.

everywhere i have called have been out of stock and even the ugg website is out of stock.
thank you

acer Sun 17-Oct-04 17:21:40

Russell & Bromley have got some really nice ones around 60 - 80 pounds (can't remember exact) in chocolate brown and classic beige/cream colour.

LipstickMum Sun 17-Oct-04 17:50:57

I have seen real UGG boots in Selfridges, if you are in or near London.

BooMama Sun 17-Oct-04 18:04:48

Have you looked on ebay?

gingernut Sun 17-Oct-04 18:17:18

here ?

gingernut Sun 17-Oct-04 18:20:10

Or here

Davros Sun 17-Oct-04 21:38:31

Truly hideous!

codswallop Fri 28-Sep-07 16:31:48


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