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Please help me find a NEW HOOD my MACLAREN VOLO!!

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SpooKAYsamuels Sat 06-Oct-07 08:09:34

Don't know where to get one and will have to get a new buggy if I can't sort this one! smile

GrapefruitMoon Sat 06-Oct-07 08:13:56

I thought the hood had to be bought separately from the Volo buggy - came in a bag with a raincover and seat pad sort of thing? Maybe you could get one secondhand on ebay?

SpooKAYsamuels Sat 06-Oct-07 08:28:46

I think you can buy them seperately, mine came with the hood and raincover included but I broke the hood last week.
They do sometimes pop up on ebay but not often and have never seen one in my colour. Have the turquoise one with the light grey hood.

GrapefruitMoon Sat 06-Oct-07 08:30:04

Maybe post on the Wanted board here?

SpooKAYsamuels Sat 06-Oct-07 08:41:01

ooh never noticed a wanted board - will go post thanks smile

GrapefruitMoon Sat 06-Oct-07 08:44:18

Just had a look on ebay for you and there's one in light grey on there at the moment....

SpooKAYsamuels Sat 06-Oct-07 08:47:41

Found it! Thanks for that - tis a bit darker than mine but will look ok I think. Will bid on it and have posted a wanted too. Thanks for helping me! smile

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