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mustsleep Fri 05-Oct-07 12:36:04

hi my dd is in a toddler bed at the moment

i stupidly bought a single duvet and two cover sets for it

and now she is using the cot bed one

i thought i might get one of those readybeds so that when she goes into a full sized bed it might still be used or for sleep overs etc

what does everyone think of them

are they thick enough for the winter - and do they zip closed as she has an awful habit of kicking all her covers off and ends up freezing

also will they fit on a toddler bed or are they full bed sized iykwim


fannyanne Fri 05-Oct-07 14:33:58

Hi my dd age 2.9 is also in a todler bed and uses the full size single duvet on it but te ,wrong way rond, it therefore tucks under oneside of the bed and is less likely to get kicked off, also higher tog than cot duvet.
she also has a ready bed (older age group one) which she has used at my parents for approx year, always seems warm enough in it, and yes it zips up so covers don't fall off.
Not sure what you meant about putting the ready bed on the normal bed? They contain the blow up mattress so she has always used it like that . They are narrower than a standard mattress

Hope this Helps

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