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Any advice? Twin or Tandem Phil and Teds? how long will I use it for?

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Loucee Thu 04-Oct-07 21:36:02


My head is spinning with double buggies! I thought I'd decided on the Phil and Teds Sport tandem but having gone to a shop today with a friend the Phil and Teds twin looks really good as both kids can sit up/lie down independently. My concern would be that if DD stops wanting to use the buggy then I'd be pushing an empty seat around.

Right, so how long did you use your Phil and Teds for (in double mode)? DD will be 22mths old when DC2 is due in December. Did it bother you that the newborn cannot see anything? Did it bother the younger child when they started to become more aware etc?

Any advice or tips would be greatly received, I really do want to get it soon.

amazonianwoman Thu 04-Oct-07 22:00:49

My age gap was bigger and I only really bought my P&T cos I had chronic sciatica + emergency section so couldn't drive for a while but needed to get out with 2 kids. DD was 2.8 and could've walked but I couldn't have run after her. DS was also a nightmare colicky baby (like DD!) for the 1st 4mths, so I just wanted an easy life lol.

DS wasn't bothered at all that he couldn't see much in newborn mode (he could see my face smile) and as I said he was v fractious normally. The swaying motion actually helped calm him. I moved him to the back seat at 4.5mths and he loved it - could see loads and could still sleep with seat reclined, a sheepskin and his carseat headhugger - v comfy smile

DD was too old for naps but could've napped in front seat if necessary. She also liked the rear seat so you could swap them to give younger one a change of scenery.

Stick with the Sport - much easier to get around!

Loucee Thu 04-Oct-07 22:08:08

Thanks Amazonianwoman, I panicked today to think I was within a whisper of buying yours if I suddenly had doubts.

I think I should remember the reason I like the Sport so much is that it can be a single pushchair as well, that's what puts me off the twin.

Out of interest, what's your buggy of choice now?

amazonianwoman Thu 04-Oct-07 22:12:14

I have a Mountain Buggy Urban which I bought for DD knowing/hoping we'd have another child. I LOVE LOVE LOVE it. I was meant to sell it when I bought the P&T (DH couldn't believe we'd need 2 x 3-wheelers, but what do they know? wink)

I now use it with a buggyboard for the pre-school run. It's the best buggy I've ever pushed.

Having said that, if I hadn't already had the Mt Buggy I'd have kept the P&T to use as a single - it comes a close second. They definitely make good sturdy buggies in New Zealand smile

Loucee Thu 04-Oct-07 22:15:30

I've heard good things about the M B U, is yours the single?

I used to think I could buy one buggy which would last until I didn't have a need for one but strikes me you need a wee collection of these to get through the various stages and ages of kids!!

Thanks for your help,

amazonianwoman Fri 05-Oct-07 08:39:05

Yes, single smile

If I had a really close age gap I'd go for the Mt Buggy urban double!

I've had four buggies, which I thought was extortinate, but some seem to literally have hundreds shock

NannyL Fri 05-Oct-07 10:34:59

Id go for a tandem.... cause then you can use it as a single until the youngest child grows out of a buggy

Loucee Fri 05-Oct-07 13:41:28

AW - I had a look at the Urbans after seeing the other thread and they do look great but I remember seeing the twin of it in the shop and I really don't think it'd be any good around my town (13th century town so thin pavements and very narrow doorways).

NannyL - yeah that's the good thing with the P&T's tandem, just finding it hard to be 100% sure in my decision!

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