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dd, 22 months, has started to climb out of her cot. does this mean i have to get a bed or can i just leave the side down?

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AitchTwoOh Thu 04-Oct-07 00:40:28

tbh she's pretty smart about it anyway, makes a pile of her duvet and toys on the floor and does a dead drop onto it.

what do i do now? i don't mind getting her a cheapo bed from ikea as it would fit better in her room than an adult bed. but then it's not like she's too big for her cot, it's just that she can get out which might, i suppose, be dangerous. (although as i said, she has a method...)

any thoughts?

hunkermunker Thu 04-Oct-07 00:42:18

Get her a bed. The one from Ikea with the fold-up ends is pretty cot-like if you put the sides on it. DS1 has one of those and it's a lovely bed - with the ends up there's space to play with trains and rest a lamp and a drink, etc.

Bless her making a soft landing though - smart lady!

expatinscotland Thu 04-Oct-07 00:43:02

Our 22 month old now does this.

We're going for the bed so as to be done with cots forever .

With a bed you can put one side against the wall and use a rail on the other. That helps a bit.

I think I'd try leaving one side down and putting the other against the wall in your case for now, though.

AitchTwoOh Thu 04-Oct-07 00:45:17

hmm, i hadn't really thought through the logistics of that actually. do we even have a wall free? (you will not bloody believe it but there's a trampoline in her room at the moment. i thought it was smaller than it is when i said yes).

expatinscotland Thu 04-Oct-07 00:49:57

You could get the IKEA bed and put rails on either side, too.

That's another option!

spookthief Thu 04-Oct-07 00:50:28

My mum was telling me about my brother doing this when he was a baby. Apparently my grandma was convinced I was taking him out of his cot despite the fact I was 3....

Anyway, he stayed safely in the cot (when he wanted to be there) until he was almost 4 and only moved into a "big boy's bed" because his nursery teacher teased him about it - this being the 1970s when you could take the piss out of the children in your care.

welliemum Thu 04-Oct-07 00:51:04

That was the point where we went for a bed for dd1, and it was fine.

Love the soft landing method - that girl will go far!

AitchTwoOh Thu 04-Oct-07 00:52:54

okay... isn't a bed with rails on the side just a cot? [confused]
how's the cuntry, expat? and PMSL at the nursery teacher, no continuum concept for her, sonny jim.

welliemum Thu 04-Oct-07 00:53:26

Ours have cots that turn into daybeds when you take one side off, so that was easy.

[totally unhelpful]

AitchTwoOh Thu 04-Oct-07 00:54:05

so does everyone think i'm being really cheap by thinking i might just put the side down on the cot and keep using it? <bites lip>

expatinscotland Thu 04-Oct-07 00:54:35

No, it's not like a cot, because the bed's lower and the rail only prevents them from rolling off.

The country rocks. We love it. We laugh at how we agonised about leaving.

I just loved DD1 this afternoon. Nursery teacher, 'Would you like to stay here and play?' DD1, 'Aye,' looks at me and says 'Bye, then!'

AitchTwoOh Thu 04-Oct-07 00:54:39

PMSL wellie, thanks for that input.

AitchTwoOh Thu 04-Oct-07 00:56:01

LOL at you and dh LOLing. you're already braying country folk and you've been there a week. grin

welliemum Thu 04-Oct-07 00:56:02

Actually, we didn't put a rail up for dd1 and she quickly got the knack of it after falling out of bed a few times (is that continuum concept enough for you)

AitchTwoOh Thu 04-Oct-07 00:58:07

did she land on a knife? shock [hard-core lieblhoff]

Beelzebug Thu 04-Oct-07 00:59:05

Any ideas for a 13mth old who likes to climb out of his cot and land head first? The cot is already on the lowest setting it can go on. Luckily he is still in our room and one side of his cot is against the wall, the other side is our bed so at least he has a soft landing. hmm

welliemum Thu 04-Oct-07 00:59:51

no, on the carpet blush <<retreats in shame and vows to do better with dd2>>

AitchTwoOh Thu 04-Oct-07 01:00:46

jeesus beelzebug, that is bold. have you thought about co-sleeping? [straight face]

welliemum Thu 04-Oct-07 01:03:16

beelzebug, have you tried a grobag?

We have climbers and the grobags cramped their style wonderfully at that age smile

Just make sure the zip is well hidden!

AitchTwoOh Thu 04-Oct-07 01:03:20

dd came in and slept with us last night, after knocking at our door for a while with us going 'she sounds Awfully Close'. i love the cuddles, but don't like it so much when she numbers off my nipples. 'one nipple... ow! two nipples....ow!....and a baby nipple... aaawww.' i'd have told her it was a mole if i could've been arsed waking up.

Beelzebug Thu 04-Oct-07 01:04:16

We do, he still wakes up every night, not once slept through. He goes to bed at 7.30 and wakes up between 1 and 2 usually and spends the rest of the night next to me as he refuses to go back to sleep in his cot! I've even tried to stop bf when he wakes.

welliemum Thu 04-Oct-07 01:05:57

LOL at "baby nipple", that's so sweet!

Beelzebug Thu 04-Oct-07 01:08:34

I erm, got rid of the gro bags stupidly hmm. DS1 used them cos he hated blankets, but could still manage to wallk about in the gro bags. DS2 is happy to have blankets on him hence why we ousted the bags.
Don't think they'd stop DS2 for long though!

AitchTwoOh Thu 04-Oct-07 01:09:30

what about putting him in the grobag and then stapling him to the mattress? that's what some parenting gurus are recommending i hear.

susiecutie Thu 04-Oct-07 01:10:58

beezlebug, you sound like you have exactly the same rob as me with the sleeping thing. I've tried 'weening' the night feeds, a minnute a night at each feed... but she then wont go back to sleep at all... i give in and feed her again. tiredness is to huge a factor in night 'weening' for me... I am at wits end tbh... my dh had to work away in the week so i cannot do it.. she pulls at my top now and if we fall asleep in the bed, having done really well at the 'weening' she now helps herself. I'm covered in love bites by the morning from her missing the correct place in the dark {grin]

as for cots / beds... I think its fine to take the side off one side and have it as a low down bed at least she is safe then when she gets up. and yes, much much cheaper. save the big bed for when her bones get big enoguh to need it wink

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