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I want to get a PC for DS1 ( well for the family- but dont want to spend a lot of money)... Any recommendations for shops/websites?

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tiredemma Wed 03-Oct-07 20:47:21

I have a laptop ( no room anywhere for a desktop pc)- recently ds1 (age7) has been asking to use it to look things up for school etc. Im reluctant to let him use the laptop incase he drops it etc- and also, realistically-im on here most of the time doing assignments.

So I think that we are going to get him a cheap desktop package, one that ds2 can use for cbeebies etc...

any recommendations?? for shops or sites??

tiredemma Wed 03-Oct-07 20:53:04


pneumalifenewname Wed 03-Oct-07 20:54:14


tiredemma Wed 03-Oct-07 20:57:05


suwoo Wed 03-Oct-07 21:02:03

I just bought a laptop from curlywurlycremeegg and I believe she still has another for sale.

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