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Night storage heaters, any ideas?

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Alley22 Wed 18-Sep-02 12:27:54

I am in the process of decorating my rented property, I have large dark brown unsightly night storage heaters and they look terrible. Has anyone any ideas of how I can make these look more modern?, remembering that you are not allowed to stand anything on the top (not sure about directly in front).

I cant rip them out as its rented accomm, anyone got any ideas of how I can 'disguise' them? Also worried my ds could burn him self on them, I havent switched them on yet, but apparantly they get *really* hot.


PamT Wed 18-Sep-02 12:35:11

You could use stove enamel to paint them or maybe use radiator covers to disguise them, this would help distance DS too but you might lose some heat that way. We had some in our first house and liked the idea of cheap night time electricity but didn't find them very effective and used the gas fire in the living room to supplement them. They were rather wasted on us though because they were giving out heat whilst we were at work and had almost cooled down by the evening. They are much better for people who are at home during the day.

Bozza Wed 18-Sep-02 12:37:13

Had them in a recent holiday cottage. DS managed to turn one on unknown to us and by the time we realised it was red hot and remained so for several hours. Had to stand chairs in front of it.

Alley22 Wed 18-Sep-02 14:10:50

Mmm not the most safe heating, I am guilty of not knowing how to use them yet! I only moved in in June and had no need, I know I have two different meters one cheap and one more expensive (oh dear I sound so dappy!) perhaps I could get some radiator covers, but would I be allowed to use them??, and they are expensive - it does say please do not obstruct - or shall I play blonde in one of the DIY shops!??!

Katherine Wed 18-Sep-02 21:29:02

We have storage heaters despite the fact that I beg DH to remove them as we've not used them in the last 3 years! They can be a cheap way of heating your property if you are home all day but do work out expensive overall. Unless you feel you really need to use them I'd block off the main switch on the wall and ignore them.

As for hiding them. Well we just painted ours and they do look much better (but still very visible). We've often thought about fretwork covers to disguise them and these would stop burns but they do get very hot if turned right up so you need to check the safelty of this.

If you have alternatives for heating I'd make the switches inaccessible and stick a large piece of furniture in front.


robinw Wed 18-Sep-02 22:38:56

message withdrawn

Alley22 Thu 19-Sep-02 11:46:06

Thanks everyone, spoke to my brother last night who used them in his last place, he said they were good as when you woke it was warm, when you came back from work you were warm, maybe needed a top up about 8/9pm when it was cooler. Are these cheaper or more expensive than using a portable radiator do you think?

I think I might try and get wooden ornamental covers for them for when they are not in use, something to take away when they are in use. Anyone good with MDF and a jigsaw?!?!?
I find it hard putting up a shelf.. ohhh how I long to be like those from changing rooms

Alley22 Thu 19-Sep-02 11:50:03

I think the cheap time is after midnight - automatically timed. If Im up still I will put on my washing too!

PamT Thu 19-Sep-02 12:37:30

Alley22, The cheap electric used to be called economy 7 because it was about a third of the standard price for each unit for 7 hours during the night. Your electricity supplier should have a leaflet with all the details on about the time bands and prices. An energy advisor from my supplier suggested us changing to this a while ago but its not really an option as I wouldn't want to use the washing machine or dishwasher at night. She suggested putting everything on timers so that it was finishing just as you were getting up in the morning, then there would be less of a fire risk. Make sure you have a good timer for your water heater and be aware that you will be paying more than the standard rate for your day time electricity.

Alley22 Thu 19-Sep-02 14:41:18

I have a landlord who doesnt know if hes coming or going unfortunately, he doesnt know what electricity supplier I am with, and to be honest I havent a home phone so i havent the chance to phone them all up and see! I was going to wait until a bill came through the door and then ring them.. I dont know why he is so disorganised. Thanks for all your help, I really need to find out who Im with first before I can do anything, but I always feel so dense when I dont know about things like this, and I havent anyone else to ask. Thanks guys!

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