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Alternative to Bugaboo footmuff?

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MegBusset Tue 02-Oct-07 12:28:28

I've got a Gecko but don't want to shell out £70 for the Bugaboo footmuff, just wondered if anyone knew of a cheaper generic one that will fit?


ScottishMummy Wed 03-Oct-07 10:08:05

baby snuggle also fit hth

ScottishMummy Wed 03-Oct-07 18:56:15

buggy snuggle
"lookey at these buggy snuggle"

"Sale buggy snuggle"

MegBusset Wed 03-Oct-07 19:45:02

Thanks, I have ordered a giraffe-print one!

ScottishMummy Wed 03-Oct-07 19:52:01

funky choice- v nice

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