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dying dyson - the same again or something else

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helenmc Tue 17-Sep-02 20:24:00

Hello every-one, probably one of the less boring and non-controversial topics. But my 5year old upright (can't stand cylinders as I leave them behind chairs/doors etc) dyson is slowing dying on me and my wonderful cleaner. Today she left a note saying it went pop and there were sparks, so I may have been optimistic with the title of this conversation. Oh stop rabbiting - are they new ones better ie less heavy and clean right up to the edge, long hose,long flex .....

janh Tue 17-Sep-02 21:18:17

Helen - I only have a new Dyson, never had one before, and it is bloody heavy. Hose has frightening suction and getting up to top of stairs with it is a struggle, but it does clean right up to edge if you use side edge, not front.

However it certainly cleans better than anything I've had before (all cylinders except for ancient Hoover Senior which was rubbish) and I think if mine died I'd get another. HTH!

Bozza Tue 17-Sep-02 21:23:00

We have a four year old bagless (ie similar technology to Dyson) Electrolux and have not been very impressed with it. It is noisier than Dyson and although probably lighter - harder to push. Have had to replace belt, filters, motor and roller. I would have expected a Dyson to last longer than 5 yrs - am I unduly optimistic?

Demented Tue 17-Sep-02 21:40:23

helenmc, could it just be the cable that supplies the power to the Dyson, this has happened to both my own Dyson and my friend's Dyson. If this is what has happened all that needs done is to remove the cable, cut a bit off it and re-attach it, my DH did this himself but if you are at all worried I'm sure an electrical repair shop could do it. I think the cable gets pulled on and bent back and forward through use and one of the wires ends up breaking, Dyson goes bang, etc (sorry not a very technical description) if you know what I mean.


helenmc Tue 17-Sep-02 21:44:37

well its probably the owners fault....the dyson has been know to hoover the patio (dh - not me and he was clearing up so the kids wouldn't hurt themselves) plus we've 2 cats and static nylon carpets and the paranoia about flea eggs. But it's aready had major surgery on the on/off switch when the wire was originally pulled out (funnily that was when dh helpfully did the house), a new belt, and new nozzle. It's also got a very high front big so doesn't go flat enough to go under the bunk beds. And I always seem to recycle the dust over me when I empty the bucket. But there again you don't have to remember to bug bags. Doesn't seem to lift anything bigger than a pin - I seem to chase little bits of paper and smarties around rhe floor (but there again it does stop Barbie from being Cinderalla). But it has been brilliant on the cat fur on nylon carpets even if I have to get the screwdriver out once a week to remove cat fluff.

janh Tue 17-Sep-02 22:17:43

helen, mine (red and purple DC07)) has an extra brush attachment that is flat enough to go under most furniture - it attaches to the hose - you may be able to buy one as an extra, if you can fix yours after the big bang.

Mine is reluctant to lift leaves and bits of paper but is brill on dust so Ii forgive it, I can always pick up the big bits myself!

I empty bucket into carrier bag in backyard - dust flies back a bit but not too much. My biggest problem is remembering to empty receptacle before dust is up to top and sucker holes have to be wiped!

Rhiannon Tue 17-Sep-02 22:40:07

I brush my stairs and Dyson it at the bottom, far less stressful. R

Carolann Tue 17-Sep-02 23:43:29

I had a dyson for two years and hated it. I brought a miele cat and dog which I love and will not be parted from, It works better and was cheeper!. The bag means I do not need to deal with cleaning out the dust collector, ugh. The motor of the Dyson went in the garantee period and the dyson repair service was excellent. I have to admit to being impressed ther. I gave the machine to my part time temporary nanny for a few hours babysitting

SofiaAmes Wed 18-Sep-02 01:28:20

I have a dyson dc02 (cylinder) which I would easily classify as the worst vacuum cleaner I have ever owned. It has no suction power, and if forever cutting out for one reason or another. We have no pets and only one carpeted room in the whole house, so it doesn't have a heavy load and it still can't handle it. I had a miele in the usa which was very good, but very expensive to run (bags very exp.) and repair. Here in the uk, I have decided that my dh's O'Henry that he uses for work (he is a builder and hoovers up lots of brick dust, rubble etc.) is by far the best hoover i've tried. It is cheap (you can get them for under 100 at makro's) and indestructible (dh's has survived him and his laborer and many building sites for 3 years now). But I don't think there is an upright version.

Jasper Wed 18-Sep-02 01:41:15

What about a Kirby? You know, those really expensive ones which are only sold via a salesperson coming to your house?
I am on my second dyson, and I am not hugely impressed. They seem to work well for a few months, then lose suction, then break.They seem to last 3-5 years at most.
Kirbys cost over a thousand pounds!!! The sales blurb states they are indestructable and will save you money over a lifetime.
I have several friends who absolutely swear by them. One friend has two little boys with severe asthma and they used to cough all night. Now she hoovers their mattresses with the Kirby once a week and the coughing has stopped and they have far fewer asthma attacks.This same friend seriously considered changing her career from dentistry to becoming a salesperson for Kirby, she is so impressed with the product.
Anyone got one?

Demented Wed 18-Sep-02 08:25:14

Jasper I've had the salesman out, I was quite distressed that he only hoovered half the mattress and washed a small corner of the carpet, I thought he might have done the lot!

PamT Wed 18-Sep-02 08:38:03

Jasper, the Kirby machine might be good, its also true that it is expensive but my experience of Kirby salesmen has put me off for life. We got a phone call offering us a free suite or carpet clean "No Catches". I asked how long it would take "About an hour". We duely arranged the visit for our lounge carpet to be cleaned and were visited by 2 young lads, one looking very aggressive with a skin head hair style (before v short hair was fashionable). We were subjected to an hour of sales talk before cleaning commenced then a further 2 hours afterwards. Despite making it quite clear that we were not interested and in so much debt at that time that we could not even consider making a major purchase they still continued. Making phone calls to their boss for better deals etc. They were both quite nasty when they had to go away without their deal but had we known what it was all about we wouldn't have invited them in the first place. Since then other friends have told their nightmare stories about being stuck with Kirby salesmen until the early hours and literally having to physically remove them from their house. Surely if the machine is so good it would sell itself.

SueDonim Wed 18-Sep-02 09:30:02

I've got an Oreck, with which I'm really pleased. It's very light with a high handle so you don't need to stoop and a long flex. It doesn't have a hose but usually the offer comes with a 'free' handsized dustbuster-type cleaner. I think you can only buy them through adverts in the papers and the service is excellent.

Joe1 Wed 18-Sep-02 10:18:43

I got a Dyson not long after they came out but didnt seem to be very efficient for very long and in the end the handle fell off and the belt kept sticking and eventually gave up completely. Now got a Hoover pet cylinder bag one and find it better than my old dyson. Much easier to carry around too.

Enid Wed 18-Sep-02 10:35:05

The new dysons are less heavy but less well made (overseas now rather than in Wiltshire). My MIL donated her old Dyson to me but I am about to replace it - NOT with a Dyson but with a Miele as I read a review of hoovers recently and the Dyson didn't get a particularly good write up - I'm not massively impressed with it I must say.

Rhiannon Wed 18-Sep-02 12:03:29

Anyone know what the Which? Report currently recommends?

Meid Wed 18-Sep-02 12:20:11

My cat and dog Miele was, IMO, the best vacuum ever when I got it 3.5 years ago. These days it doesn't perform too well at all so I've read this thread with real interest as I am in the process of replacing it. Have been doing quite a bit of research (well asking everyone I know) and I think I'm going to go down the road of getting a Henry as I've been told by a cleaner that everyone in the cleaning business uses them and, to repeat what SofiaAmes said, I was told they hoover up anything and are very durable. HTH

helenmc Wed 18-Sep-02 12:38:11

Thank you for all your comments - I think I had almost talked myself out of getting another Dyson. I remember reading some time ago in Which that it wasn't a best buy, but something like the panasonic was. But after reading your comments I'll have a serious look at the Meile.

CAM Wed 18-Sep-02 12:49:24

I'm on my second Dyson and will not be getting another when this one "goes". Liked them at first but not as durable as they should be for the price. Also, tired of emptying cylinder.

Cha Wed 18-Sep-02 13:03:44

We have a very hairy dog and the hoover we have is rubbish (need to go round on all fours with dog brush getting hairs up before attempting to vacuum). Was interested in the Miele cat and dog one - Carolann - what is different about the cat and dog compared to the usual drag along ones? why do you want to change yours for a Henry? Do you know how much both cost?

bettys Wed 18-Sep-02 13:10:17

We've got a drag along Miele which dp has had for at least 6-7 years & it's never gone wrong (yet) and more importantly is the vacuum of choice for our cleaner (like to keep her happy!). I've no idea how much it originally cost but the replacement bags & filters are quite expensive - about £10 a go.

Alibubbles Wed 18-Sep-02 14:31:03

I'm on my third Dyson, (two cleaning ladies made the thing blow up by stretching the flex too much) but Costco are brilliant at replacing anything that is under three years old if it goes wrong. I hate my new one the 8 cylinder upright thingy as it is so heavy, my aupair says it's not for old ladies to take upstairs. I am thinking about either the Miele cat and dog or the Sebo, Joh Lewis say that is the best and it came out very well in Which?

Willow2 Wed 18-Sep-02 21:57:51

Miele - my mum's had hers for over fifteen years.

pupuce Wed 18-Sep-02 22:19:46

Well I had the Miele for 7 years and I was GLAD to get rid of it... it didn't vacuum all that well and I replaced the bags often enough. Have had my Dyson for 1 year and find it vacuums A WHOLE LOT BETTER ! I don't have an upright one (as I am continental I can't see the benefit of those - they are not common on the continent )
I am all for Miele in general but not for the vacuum cleaner.
Unless something goes amiss with the Dyson... I am still in love with it (also lighter BTW!)

robinw Wed 18-Sep-02 22:30:48

message withdrawn

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