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Looking for a car/mpv that fits 3 adults in the back and is higher up than a normal car

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kbaby Sat 29-Sep-07 22:28:34

I currently have a old type scenic, I like the fact that 3 people can sit in the back and also as its higher up I dont have to bend and bang my head so much to get them in their car seats. For some strange reason I also like the fact that it hasnt got footwells at the back.

Does anyone have any recommendations for a new car that has the above. The scenic is clapping out and costing me a fortune.

Thanks in advance

Roskva Sun 30-Sep-07 09:53:59

How about a new Scenic?

We rented a VW Touran on holiday. It is higher up than most other vehicles. There was plenty of room for 2 adults + dd in her car seat in the back, so 3 adults should be comfortable, and the boot is a decent size.

Cappuccino Sun 30-Sep-07 09:55:25

Citroen Berlingo Multispace

I have one

it is fab

sliding doors are the business esp with car seats

LadyVictoriaOfCake Sun 30-Sep-07 09:55:35

nissan tino (i say it over and over, but i love mine). they stopped making them in 2005 though. so you wont be able to get a new new one.

TheMuppetMuggle Sun 30-Sep-07 09:56:52

Kbaby i love my parents car they have a Fiat Mulitpla eleganza - loads of room, up high and loads of room for car seats, and every seat is individual

hippipotami Sun 30-Sep-07 10:35:17

sorry, being dim, what do you mean your scenic has no footwells in the back? Where do the passengers put their feet??

LIZS Sun 30-Sep-07 10:39:49

Do you mean that the floor is flat all the way across rather than shaped behind the front seats. A newer Scenic perhaps or there are offers on new Picasson's atm. Toyota Corolla Verso

kbaby Sun 30-Sep-07 11:09:00

Liz thats what I meant thank you. Dont know why but it seems easier with the back floor flat.
Im not keen on getting a new scenic as mine is a 52 reg and has cost hundreds in repair bills. Looking at some reviews it seems that renault scenics arent known for their reliability.

Cappuccino Sun 30-Sep-07 11:39:25

my old mechanic said Citroen diesel engines were as reliable as VW engines

my new mechanic actually drives a Citroen Berlingo

pick me! pick me!

LIZS Sun 30-Sep-07 11:41:10

Know what you mean. We have 51 Scenic and have spent about £1300 in the last couple of months on servicing and renewing the drive belt hmm

bossybritches Sun 30-Sep-07 11:58:56

We've had a Kia Sedona for a few months & love it! It's huge & loads of room for everyone. It's becoming the most poular family vehicle apparently. Second hand ones are quite reasonable, although they do guzzle diesel but probably no more than any other MPV! to get an idea of what they're like.

We like the sliding doors/cup-holders/reversible seats & lots of other extras that come as standard.

hippipotami Sun 30-Sep-07 13:20:27

ah, I see, thank yousmile

I am still trying to convince dh we need an MPV, he loves estates. (groan)

We currently have a vectra estate, which is nice, but I find there is not enough legroom in the rear (I am 6ft and at age 8 ds is tall too) and think an MPV would be better. Would you agree?

Millarkie Sun 30-Sep-07 13:41:01

Fiat Multpla? 3 adult seats in the back and 3 in the front. Lots of head room.
I love mine <sigh>

bossybritches Sun 30-Sep-07 17:55:09

Yes Hippi -DH is over 6 ft & I'm 5'7", both my DD's were getting cramped in out estate even though it's quite roomy. They love the space in the kia now though & the middle seats recline which is more comfortable for long journeys.

Skyler Sun 30-Sep-07 18:16:00

Honda FRV. Great car.
We have the Toyota Verso which is good too but not as wide I don't think.

MrsSeanSlater Sun 30-Sep-07 18:18:26

I have a Chrysler PT Cruiser which would meet all your criteria but it's not to everyone's taste.

Boogalooblue Sun 30-Sep-07 18:19:40

Citroen C8, it has sliding doors too grin pick me, pick me!!

bossybritches Sun 30-Sep-07 18:22:18

Basically go trawling the showrooms & get a few test-drives,play with all the gadgets & thehn see what you think!!

kidsrus Sun 30-Sep-07 18:29:31

ditto bossy britches i love my sedona too!
the kids call it the big red busgrin
we have picnics in it too!
All apart from the front seats come out to make a van

NorthernLurker Sun 30-Sep-07 18:37:32

Another vote for the Touran - I love ours

Haylstones Sun 30-Sep-07 18:41:50

Chevrolet Tacuma is great- only 5 seats but still MPV size and is generally a bit cheaper than other options

ernest Sun 30-Sep-07 18:44:53

peugeot 807, like citroen c8, 7 individual seats, all full size, all recline, back ones higher up so can still see out of front window not just back of seat infront & of course elctronic slidey doors. fab

bossybritches Sun 30-Sep-07 18:45:48

Kidsrus- we call ours our "bus" too!

(my BIl rudely called it a "crack-wagon" when he first saw it becasue of the tinted rear windows!!grin)

Sam100 Sun 30-Sep-07 18:45:49

We have recently got the new model Sedona - had an old model one before - and this one is even better! Old ones had 2 + 2 + 3 format (seats front to rear) - the new one has 2+3+2 format. The old one was a bit boxy to drive and we affectionately called it "the Shed" - but this one is very easy to drive. Have also had a Voyager in the past - and would say the new Sedona is now v similar to the Chrysler Voyager.

I have 3 car seats (1x stage 1 and 2 x stage 2) across the middle row - plenty of room to get hands in to do seat belts. So plenty of room for 3 adults in this row as each has own seat - not a bench with 2 seats and an afterthought in the middle. If you don't need the rear 2 seats you can either fold them forward or take them out completely to give you a big boot.

kidsrus Mon 01-Oct-07 18:53:45

i agree bb it does look like a gangster mobilegrin
but fab for walking through the middle to get to the baby in the back without getting wet!

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