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In-car DVD players ... any recommendations or hints/tips on choosing

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roisin Sat 29-Sep-07 21:47:35

Are there any significant differences between them? We want twin screens, but apart from that I have no idea what we're looking for!

mrsmerton Sun 30-Sep-07 16:02:08

Have a look on I bought 3 single screen ones for my 3.(Yes I'm THAT desperate for peace and quiet)

I chose mine by looking at one of those review websites online, and looked for good screen size, whether it had a headphones socket, and how long the battery would last for. (Most last for 1 film length only before needing recharging.) I chose Optronix in the end, and they are fine.

roisin Sun 30-Sep-07 17:19:37

Oh do they have batteries? I assumed they sort of plugged into the car. Is that not the case?

mrsmerton Sun 30-Sep-07 18:17:28

The one I bought comes with a big battery pack which is rechargeable.
I've never tried plugging them into the car while the kids are watching - I have three car sickness sufferers so we've only used ours indoors!
I presume you can recharge them from the car?

mrsmerton Sun 30-Sep-07 18:19:05

The battery pack clips onto the player as part of it (I forgot to say), you don't actually put batteries into it. Is any of this any help??!!hmm

roisin Sun 30-Sep-07 19:45:31

Thank you!

cat64 Sun 30-Sep-07 19:56:53

Message withdrawn

roisin Sun 30-Sep-07 22:07:13

Oh great, thanks Cat that's helpful.

We've just bought new car (well new to us), being delivered on Thursday; and this is supposed to be a "new start" - ie no arguing/fighting in the back!

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