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Stage three car seat problems

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littlebrownmouse Sat 29-Sep-07 19:26:04

We have a Britax car seat for DS(4). Not sure which model but it starts as a stage two seat with a five point harness, turns into a stage three with the seat belt over and can then be used as just a booster seat. We are really unhappy with it and would appreciate advice on good seats of this type. The problem is that he is now too big for the five point harness (has been for ages) and the option with the adult seat belt seems to be a pile of poo. It has a clip at the soulder that the adult belt goes through which holds it tight so there's no give in the belt. This means that at the beginning of the journey he can't move but by the end, he's wriggled so much that it has come loose and is all sort of hanging off him. Obviously not at all safe. I think he probably still needs a five point but can't get them big enough. I would appreciate advice on a good car seat for him. Thanks for reading all that, why use one word when twenty will do!!

zisforzebra Sat 29-Sep-07 22:08:09

We've just bought a Graco Junior Maxi Comfort for our DS (just 4). It has an adjustable back which you can then remove when they are too tall (we have almost the same model for our nearly 6yo DS and haven't removed the back yet) and then it becomes a booster until 11yo.

It uses the car seat belt but the belt threads through a clip thingy and a little slotty bit (sorry for the crap description!) which really holds it in the right place. It moves with him if he leans forward to get something but then goes right back to holding him snuggly when he sits back.

The best thing about it is, that it has additional, removable padding to hold them in place a bit more when they first move up seats.

It's great and DS loves it! smile

kbaby Sat 29-Sep-07 22:19:22

LBM- You should only use the 5 point harness until they get to 15kg/4 yrs old and then they recommend you move to a adult belt, something to do with the way it works in an accident once they get to a certain weight.

I have the graco car seat and dont find it very good. Bit flimsy and plasticy. But the seat belt routing on it is good as it does hold the belt on the shoulder. I also have the maxi cosi car seat and its a lovely seat, nicely padded, sturdy and well made.

Heres a link

andyrobo237 Sun 30-Sep-07 20:29:54

I am surprised at a Britax car seat - they are usually the best to get! We have two - a Jane isofix one and a maxi-cosi rodi - they both have a loop with a little slot in to feed the belt through - thebelt can freely move, but is at the correct shoulder height as the head section is adjustable.

maybe someone will correct me, but I was under the impression that the booster seats using the adult belt are only to get the belt across the correct place (the hips I think) by lifting the child higher up on the seat. The belt will work in the same way as an adult sitting in the seat - ie they can move to the side and forwards, etc. but in the event of a crash then the tensioner of the belt with stop\forward movement.

That daid, it does not solve your problem of your little one wriggling out of the belt - the freedom to them ust be great after the constraint of a baby car seat. I dont think another seat would be any better (but may be someone else might know) or else take a trip to local halfords or Mothercare and discuss with them - maybe it is an education thing with your LO = my DD tends to sit well in her seat, but I am sure her little brother will be a pain as he gets older!

LIZS Sun 30-Sep-07 20:35:08

Is it a Trio ? If so they got a bad reputation after a Which assessment and have been discontinued (but now rebadged as part of the Fisher Price Range ). We have the Evolva 123 which is similar in concept but much more stable. dd still in harness but will move her to the booster soon . The back does n't remove though. The Elite , if you can still get it, uses a harness up to 22kg but does n't convert.

oooggs Sun 30-Sep-07 20:41:57

I have the maxi cosi rodi xp for ds1 (in grey though wink) and he likes it (3.9) and I am happy with it, bought in May 07. I did trawl through the 'which' car seat report first to seat how they all scored.

Will have to do it again when dts grow out of baby carriers (now 6mths) and not sure whether to go for something like the Evolva (9mth - 11yrs) or a stage 2 then a stage 3. Have no idea.

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